United States change emission rules visa for Brazilians

Groups that were exempted from personal interview, They will now have to undergo the procedure.
01/02/2017 11h33 - Updated 1/02/2017 11h33
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The immigration control decree signed by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, also brought changes in the visa for Brazilians who want to travel to the country. According to the press office of the US Embassy in Brasilia, groups that were exempt from the personal interview, They will now have to undergo the procedure.

With the new rules, applicants who renew visas in the same category, up until 48 months after the expiration; Brazil and Argentina, between 14 e 15 years, and between 66 e 79 years, requesting first seen, They will have to do the interview. Before, these groups were exempt.

Exceptions are for applicants of diplomatic and official visas from foreign governments and international organizations, people under the age of 14 years or above 79 years and those who previously had a visa in the same category and which expired less than 12 months before the new request.

"The US government is committed to facilitating legitimate travel to international visitors and at the same time ensuring the security of its borders", He informed the embassy, in a statement.

The embassy guides to applicants for visas to revise the changes announced in the presidential decree, including visa interview program, to see if these changes will affect the visa category. The decree is available, in Portuguese, the US Embassy's website in Brazil.

Last Friday (27), Trump determined new immigrants and refugees control mechanisms in the United States, for, according to him, prevent entry of terrorists country. One of the measures Iraqi citizens entry bar, Syria, Will, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen by 90 days. Or decree suspends, to input refugees 120 days, until the admission procedures are reviewed.

Source: Agency Brazil

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