Swindler who applied half million hits is stuck in the East Zone

The boy was being investigated for damage, approximately, 43 people and causing damage worth R $ 500 thousand victims.
22/02/2017 15h02 - Updated 23/02/2017 10h30

Teams of the Department to Combat Organized Crime (DRCO) arrested Tiago da Silva Cortez, 26 years, on Tuesday (21), the suspect's home, Street Santa Luzia, Mauazinho neighborhood, East Zone of Manaus. Thiago would have cheated at least 40 people and applied blows with the values ​​added over R $ 500 one thousand.

The director of DRCO, William Torres, reported that there 33 Police reports (Forest) on behalf of James recorded in 15 Integrated Police Districts (DIPs) in the city. Besides these 33 Forest, ten victims attended the DRCO to formalize complaint against the offender. James has been arrested by police on 10 September 2015, for embezzlement. In this ocasion, he would have used legal data of the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ) and State Registration (IE) a company, giving approximate loss of R $ 298 thousand to the owner, to make loans using documents illicitly. adding the 43 victims, the injury is around R $ 500 one thousand.

"James had many operating modes. In some cases he underwent ceremonialist. He made contracts for weddings or graduations, but even rented the place where the event would be held. After the closing of the contract it did not meet customers. James also said that he had an aunt who worked in a factory that produced TV sets and, because of that, would ease in getting equipment more into account prices. Victims paid half the combined value and then the offender disappeared. This scam television was what he practiced more ", he said Torres.

James was charged with larceny. At the end of the procedures applicable in the department base, he will be taken to the detention center Provisional Male (CDPM), which will be available to the Justice.

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