Former mayor of Parintins has failed accounts and will have to return more than R $ 1,3 million to public coffers

Alexander of Carbrás committed improprieties as the lack of reporting internal control of the city and the delay in the delivery of data 2013.
09/02/2017 15h28 - Updated 10/02/2017 15h02
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The no proof of execution, the emergency services contract that should have been done at the dump Parintins, It was one of the main irregularities that led the college to disallow the provision of ex-mayor of the accounts of the city of Parintins, Alexander of Carbrás, for the financial year 2013. According to the rapporteur of the case, adviser Eric Exile, the manager also committed improprieties as the lack of internal control of the city report and the delay in shipment data, by Auditor System of Public Accounts (ACP), for eight months (April-December, 2013). The irregularities were fines and glosses that exceed R $ 1,3 million. The manager may still appeal the decision.

The former mayor of Juruá, Edézio Ferreira da Silva, also had accountability, exercise 2008, judged irregular by the full Court of Auditors. The rapporteur responsible for the process, advisor Julio Pinheiro, reported that no proof of expenses with hospital supplies, dental, outpatient, hygiene and medicine was one of the improprieties that made the college make the decision. The value that the former mayor will have to return to public coffers is almost R $ 1 million, within 30 days.

Regular with caveats
Also during the 2nd session of the ECA, held this morning (09), the college decided by the regularity with caveats of supply of the former rector of the University of the State of Amazonas accounts (UEA), for the financial year 2006, Lourenço dos Santos Pereira Braga; President of the Water Company, Sewage and Sanitation Coari (caesces), exercise 2014, Evandro Rodrigues de Moraes; the director general of the Emergency Service Service - SPA SOUTH ZONE, exercise 2015, Lucia Maria da Silva Ramos; the Secretary of State for Public Security – SSP, exercise 2015, under the responsibility of the Secretary Sergio Lucio Sources, and executive secretary Carlos Alberto Alencar de Andrade; the former president of the Foundation Olympic Village "Danilo Mattos Areosa", exercise 2005, Walmir Prado de Alencar; and the head of the Military House of Manaus City Hall, exercise 2014, Jose Fernando de Farias, with fine of R $ 2 one thousand.

O referee, unanimously, approved the provision of Municipal Fund Account Protection Historical and Cultural Heritage – FUNPATRI, exercise 2015, Bernardo liability Soares Monteiro de Paula, CEO of the Municipal Culture Foundation, Tourism and Events; and responsible for Extraordinary Municipal Manaus – SEMEX, exercise 2015, Luiz Alberto Carijó of Gosztonyi.

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