Former mayor of Tabatinga has reproved accounts

Irregularities were missing lack of justification for payment of various services, not submitting server travel vouchers and other.
01/02/2017 10h18 - Updated 2/02/2017 16h16
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The board of the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), during the 1st Ordinary Session of the year, held on Tuesday morning (31), disapproved the provision of Municipal Fund accounts Education Tabatinga, for the financial year 2015, the responsibility of the former mayor of the municipality Raimundo de Carvalho Caldas. The decision was based on irregularities found in the provision, among which are the lack of justification for payment of various services; and not submitting server travel vouchers, as informed the rapporteur of the case, adviser Eric Exile. The glosses and fine applied to the manager pass of R $ 5 millions.

Former Mayor of Urucurituba Rudolf Vasconcelos de Oliveira, also had to provide irregular judged accounts, exercise 2014. Fraud detected in the output control in the warehouse stock; and resources applied without proof of execution, were some of the irregularities that led the manager to get about R $ 320 thousand in fines and glosses.

The accountability of the Municipality of Manipur, exercise 2015, of responsibility Roberval Edgar Medeiros Neves, Mayor at the time, It was still frowned upon by collegial, which detected irregularities such as excessive fuel consumption, to meet the four Chamber vehicles, totaled a higher expense of R $ R $ 87mil; and the absence of comparative map price in bidding waiver process. The fine imposed on the manager was R $ 10 one thousand.

Other irregular payments

The full yet decided by the irregularity of the President's account benefits the Retirement and Pension Fund of the Municipality of Canutama (FAPEMUC), Barnabas Andrade Leitao, exercise 2015, a fine of application and disallowance of R $ 170 one thousand, by no documentary evidence, the payment of sickness beneficiaries, and not forwarding documents such as inventory Patrimonial Goods; the former mayor of Tapauá, exercise 2016, Almino Gonçalves de Albuquerque, to return to the coffers of R $ 130 thousand due to the realization of unproven expenses; and former mayor of Nova Olinda do Norte Joseias Lopes de Souza, exercise 2013, with fines and disallowance of R $ R $ 89 one thousand, because of irregularities such as lack of internal control, as determined by Articles 31 e 74 CF / 88, art. 45, the State Constitution, c / c or art. 43, you have no. 2.423/96 leading operational risk and lack of public accounts.

Regular with caveats

The full judged regular with reservations without fines benefits director general of the accounts of the School of Public Service and Inclusion socioeducational – ESPI, Luiza Maria Bessa Rebelo, exercise 2015; the chairman of the State Fund of Water Resources - Ferh, exercise 2015, Antonio Ademir stroški; the Municipal Government - SEMGOV, exercise 2015, Márcio Lima Noronha responsibility, secretary and Ramiz Wladimir Braga, undersecretary; and director of the General Hospital Dr. Geraldo da Rocha, exercise 2015, Ana Maria Belota de Oliveira.

They were judged regular with reservations and there was application of a fine in installments of the former mayor of Novo Aripuana accounts, Raymond Robson de Sá, exercise 2014, fine of R $ 6 one thousand; Secretary of State for Social Assistance and Citizenship - SEAS, exercise 2014, Maria das Graças Soares Prola, with a fine of R $ 3 one thousand; and former Mayor of Urucará, exercise 2015, Almir Fernandes Guimarães, with a fine of R $ 3,5 one thousand.

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