Former first lady Marisa Leticia has cerebral death

Faced with the result and with family authorization, preparations were initiated procedures for organ donation.
02/02/2017 09h30 - Updated 2/02/2017 16h20
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The former first lady Marisa Leticia Lula da Silva, 66 years, She had brain dead today (2). She's in intensive care unit (UTI) the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital since the day 24 from January.

According to medical report, It performed a transcranial doppler which identified the absence of cerebral blood flow in patients. Faced with the result and with family authorization, preparations were initiated procedures for organ donation.

Through facebook, the family of the former first lady thanked the manifestations of affection received in the last few days. "The Lula da Silva family thanks all manifestations of affection and solidarity received in the last 10 days for the recovery of the former first lady Dona Marisa Leticia Lula da Silva. The family authorized the preparation procedures for organ donation ", says the message on the social network.

The former first lady was hospitalized after suffering a stroke (AVC) hemorrhagic. Marisa was accompanied by teams coordinated by doctors Roberto Kalil Filho, Milberto Scaff, Stavale Marcos and José Guilherme Caldas.

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Marisa Leticia Lula da Silva, was born in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), in 1950, under the name of Marisa Leticia House. slight figure beside her husband, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Marisa began working at age nine, as a nanny in the house of a painter Candido Portinari's nephew. He grew up in a family of eleven brothers and married to 19 years with the taxi driver Marcos Claudio da Silva. Three months later and pregnant with first child, Marisa saw widow after Marcos Claudio was murdered during a robbery.

In 1973 Lula met the Metalworkers Union. Seven months after meeting, married. with Lula, He had three children. Also make the family Marcos, son's first husband, and stepdaughter Lurian, daughter of another Lula relationship. Marisa was at Lula's side during his political rise, since the union times, through the PT Foundation - which helped create - to the presidency, in 2003.

Marisa was awarded, in 2003, with the Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Merit, granted by King Harald V and Queen Sonia of Norway, during the visit to Brazil. It was also honored by Portugal with the Order of Freedom, also 2003, and the Military Order of Christ, in 2008.

During the years in the Alvorada Palace, Marisa not led social projects, common function to previous first ladies, and left the spotlight to her husband. But during the presidential race participated, with him, rallies, rallies and other campaign promises. In 2011, Lula encouraged to carry out the tests that discovered a cancer of the larynx. Marisa was to cut her hair and her husband's beard, anticipating the effects of chemotherapy.

In 2016, the former first lady saw his name involved in the investigation of Operation Lava Jato. It became a defendant in the investigation after the Court accept the complaint of the Federal Public Ministry against her and Lula in the case of the triplex in Guaruja (SP). Even accepting the complaint, Judge Sergio Moro "lamented" the allegations involving Marisa Leticia. According to the judge, no doubt if Lula's wife was aware of alleged crimes involving bribery of hits on Petrobras' scheme.

Source: Agency Brazil

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