Outlaw Maués is recaptured in Manaus after a complaint on WhatsApp

The detainee was on the run since February 2016 the Prison Unit where Maués serving time in a closed system.
17/02/2017 15h30 - Updated 17/02/2017 15h30
Photo: disclosure

The Outlaw Maués (distant 258 km, straight from Manaus), Thiago Lopes de Souza, 22, He was arrested after a complaint sent to WhatsApp the SSP-AM on Thursday (16), Avenida Brazil, Compensates the neighborhood, West zone. The action was coordinated by the Executive Deputy Secretary of Integrated Operations (Seaop).

Before the escape, in February 2016, Thiago serving time in Prison Unit Maués in closed regime for trafficking offenses and association for trafficking. He has an outstanding arrest warrant from the flight that municipality.

According to the Deputy Executive Secretary of Seaop, Orlando Amaral, Thiago was arrested on a public road near a gas station on Avenida Brazil. "Our team was already near when we received the complaint via WhatsAap that there would be a possible fugitive walking on public streets. Our team went to the location indicated and managed to recapture it, without any reaction to the prison ", said.

Thiago was sent to the Specialized Police in s and Polinter, who cares for fugitives from other municipalities. The hotline of the SSP-AM works by channel 181 and by the number Whatsapp (92) 9412-4431, available 24 hours.

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