Outlaw semi-open is stuck in Japiimlândia

The officers of the SEAP came to the detainee through information sent to the hotline 181.
02/02/2017 15h53 - Updated 2/02/2017 15h53
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Police officers from the Department of Public Safety Amazon (SSP-AM) arrested, on the morning of Thursday (2), Damião de Lima Leandro, 23, Outlaw semi-open regime Amazon Prisons. The arrest was made by the Executive Deputy Secretary of Integrated Operations (Seaop) the residence of Damião, street Christmas, Japiimlândia, south-central zone of Manaus.

Damian was on the run since December 2016 when it managed to progression of the closed system for the semi-open, and did not return to the Penitentiary Anísio Jobim (Compaj). He was serving a sentence for drug trafficking and association for drug trafficking and referred back to Compaj.

The officers of Seaop reached Damião through information sent to 181 (Hotline SSP-AM).

The Deputy Executive Secretary of Integrated Operations SSP-AM, Orlando Amaral, It points out that the complaints have helped both the recapture of escapees of January 1 as other leaks. "This is a joint effort of all security agencies in seeking to maintain the safety of the city, and with the help of the population we are getting recapture these fugitives ", He stressed.

All complaints sent to the channels provided by the Security Bureau (181 e or WhatsApp 92 9412-4431) They are kept confidential. This year, 121 System fugitives have been recaptured.

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