Fugitive is recaptured by police SSP-AM on Sunday

Walkeniton was on the run for more than three years of the semi-open system Compaj.
13/02/2017 09h50 - Updated 13/02/2017 15h08
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Police officers from the Department of Public Safety Amazon (SSP-AM) recaptured on Sunday afternoon (12), Walkeniton Barker Modesto, 34, on the street André Carneiro do Amaral (Old St. Louis), students, Centro-Sul. The operation was coordinated by the police team of the Executive Deputy Secretary of Integrated Operations (Seaop).

Walkeniton was on the run for more than three years of the semi-open system Penitentiary Anísio Jobim (Compaj). According to police, he was in front of his residence at the time of arrest and did not react. The team arrived to Barker after a complaint sent to the number 181 (Hotline SSP-AM).

For Orlando Amaral, Secretary Seaop, the result of complaints forwarded to SSP-AM has been positive. “We are getting to the demands and going in search of information. With that we are managing to succeed on recapture the fugitives, and also perform drug seizures, weapons, munitions, cell phones and other materials”, Amaral says.

Walkeniton Modesto respode for drug trafficking and had an open arrest warrant from 24 September 2012. Tomorrow (13), it will be forwarded to Compaj to serve their sentences in a closed system.

The channels provided by the SSP-AM for complaints are 181 (Hotline ) e or Whatsapp (92 9412-4431).

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