Runaway Compaj arrested for killing teenager

The crime occurred on the night of the day 4 February this year in a wasteland.
22/02/2017 15h48 - Updated 23/02/2017 10h27
Photo: disclosure

The Outlaw semi-open regime in the Complex Penitentiary Anísio Jobim (Compaj) Eder Queiroz Birth, 34 years, It is known as "Pass Saturday", He was arrested on the afternoon of Monday (20), in Tancredo Neves, East Zone of Manaus.

Second or delegate, Torquato Mozer, the court order on behalf of Eder was issued on 17 February this year, by Judge Careen Aguiar Fernandes, Criminal Duty. The crime occurred on the night of the day 4 February this year, around 20.30, in a wasteland, located at Travessa 29 New Aleixo neighborhood, North Zone. The teams DEHS came to the offender after thorough investigative work. "Come Saturday" was intercepted on a public road.

"The offender confessed perpetrator of the crime. "Come Saturday," he said, still, who committed many thefts and robberies while on the run from the semi-open regime. Eder reported that in one of the actions stole a mobile device. After theft, He handed the device to the victim, a teenage 15 years, known as Marcos Vinicius, so he could sell the object for R $ 300, however, after making the sale of stolen mobile, Marcos Vinicius did not pass on the combined value. Therefore, days after the swipe, Eder went to meet Marcos Vinicius and made five gun shots in the direction victim, who died on the spot ", he explained Mozer.

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