Foundation volunteers Hemoam calls donors to ensure stock during Carnival

It will be necessary to ensure thousand blood bags in stock, until the day 25 of February.
15/02/2017 09h21 - Updated 15/02/2017 16h40
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The Hospital Foundation of Hematology of the Amazon (Hemo), Amazonas Government health unit, linked to the Department of Health (Sesame), expands its efforts to ensure transfusion safety of the State in the Carnival period. This year the direction redoubles its appeal to society in search of voluntary blood donors, considering the low stock of blood in his collection units.

The technical director Rodrigo Leitão appeals to people's sensitivity, saying that the solution to change that is to rely on the support first the local press to achieve the population and call the loyal donors and citizens who cares about the welfare of the community to come to their immediate donation and strengthens ” Not the Hemoam that needs blood, are the people who are in hospital beds or treatment of chronic diseases, malignant or non-”.

“I appeal to all who enjoy good health and are over the age of 18 years to make this gesture of human solidarity, since today”, said the CEO of Hemoam, Dr. Nelson Fraiji. According to him, It must ensure thousand blood bags in your inventory, until the day 25 of February.

The coordinator of the Blood Cycle, Drag. Relief Viga reports that there revelers businessmen who donated shirts to celebrate Carnival with these sympathetic donors and give their blood to save lives, before leaving the revelry.

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