Governor accompanying the PAI Boat reforms and announces Climate Arena Amazônia

Jose Melo also followed the progress of Full Time School works in the East.
12/02/2017 14h52 - Updated 13/02/2017 11h25
Photo: Bruno Zanardo/Secom

Stage of major cultural and sporting events in the State of Amazonas, a Arena Amadeu Teixeira (Av.Constantino Nery) It will be heated to provide more quality and comfort for the Amazonian population. The announcement was made by Governor Jose Melo, in this Saturday (11), during the opening ceremony of the Brazil National Pro Jiu- Jitsu in itself Arena.

The governor also fulfilled a schedule of inspection appointments on site Juruá Builder and Navigation, in Iranduba (a 27 kilometers from Manaus), which are being reformed the three vessels of Care Program Itinerant, the Boat FATHER, and the works of the State School Tancredo Neves, in east.

Melo said that the Amazon has become a destination of notorious international sporting events and regional and, that is why, It deserves support and guarantee investments for athletes and the population may be increasingly valued.

“Our state has received, in the last years, championships and large sporting events, as the World Cup and the Olympic Games. And before that we have to build a legacy for athletes, the population and future generations. I authorized already put air conditioning to acclimate the Arena (Amadeu Teixeira) to ensure comfort for those who come to compete and honor all types of events next year”.

The air conditioning works in the Arena Amadeu Teixeira should start later this year, with delivery forecast 2018, because of the series of events already scheduled to be conducted this year on site.

The Brazil National Pro Jiu-Jitsu this Saturday (11) and Sunday (12), with over a thousand athletes in the race to join the team that will represent Brazil in the World jujitsu Abu Dhabi, in April. The event has the Amazonas Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

“It's a dream come true in our state with this climate in the Arena Amadeu Teixeira. And this support is essential for, in the next year, We can count on a more suitable location for the events of the achievements inside”, said the secretary of Sejel, Fabricio Lima.

boat FATHER – The way the Governor Jose Melo to Arena Amadeu Teixeira came after his visits to the renovation work of the three Father Puxirum I boats, Puxirum II and Zona Franca Verde, on site Juruá Builder and Navigation, and the State School Tancredo Neves, the eponymous neighborhood.

With an investment of R $ 5,3 millions of Social Promotion Fund (FPS) State Government, the three vessels of Care Program Itinerant, the Boat FATHER, They are being reformed and return to navigate the rivers of the Amazon in March, leading health services and citizenship to the population of communities and municipalities within the.

“From 15 in 15 days'm visiting and I was happy to see that the work is well under way. Logo, They will soon be in the gutters of the Purus, Juruá, the Alto Solimões and Madeira to take citizenship, Once they (boats) will take the helping hand of our government to the interior”, scored the governor.

Schools – With 60% of works completed, the State School Tancredo Neves, will be in the School-Standard model with 12 rooms classrooms, Physics laboratories, Biology, administrative area, among others. In Manaus, They are being built three schools- Standard neighborhoods Mount of Olives, North Zone, Tancredo Neves, East zone, and Criciuma Avenue, West zone.

When talking to the residents of Tancredo Neves, Governor strengthened the program's performance All for Life, that will serve the people with the services in education, health, security and entertainment. For this, It will be built one Poliesportiva block next to the State School Tancredo Neves, in an area that will receive the expropriation of homes.

The works of renovation and construction of schools in the capital and the interior part of the package works for Education, released in January, with investments of R $ 1,1 billion to 2017 e 2018.

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