Governor announces construction of hospital and investments in fish farming and infrastructure Manacapuru

With just over 30 Add days, the local mayor, Beto Dangelo said the support of the state administration will be essential to the development of the municipality
04/02/2017 11h31 - Updated 5/02/2017 16h06
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Visiting the city of Manacapuru (a 68 kilometers from Manaus), on the morning of Friday, 3 of February, Governor Jose Melo announced a series of investments to be made in the city, including the construction of a state hospital, reinforcement for the fish farming industry and the revitalization of city streets. “Manacapuru is one of the most important centers of our state. no future, it will be the great port of the middle and upper Solimões. That is why, this contribution of our government is of utmost importance to develop the productive and economic potential of this city ", said the governor.

With an audience comprised mostly of fishermen, Melo announced a major enhancement to develop fish farming in the municipality, which owned about eight thousand people involved in the practice. Measures, is the rental of a refrigerator to store fish. "From now on, we will provide 300 kilograms of ice per day for each fisherman, and the fish they catch and fail to sell, we will store in a refrigerator rented by the State. Thereby, everyone wins. O fisherman, you can store your fish in the off season and also the population that is not without supplies during this period ", said Jose Melo.

With just over 30 Add days, the local mayor, Beto Dangelo said the support of the state administration will be essential to the development of the municipality in the coming years. "This union will be primarily responsible for achieving all our productive potential and economic, creating more jobs and income for our entire population. I am very pleased by the governor have opened this door and readiness to help ", he said.

Another novelty was announced the construction of a state hospital in the headquarters of Manacapuru. According to Melo, this is a long promise made to the people. "Before there was talk of a huge structure to meet even the municipalities and surrounding communities. As our management works with seriousness and responsibility, we will build a unit in the correct size that will serve the population of Manacapuru quality and fully equipped ", Melo finished.

for Melo, develop the region and neighboring municipalities is a basic attitude to the development of new Environmental Economic Matrix, that will create a sustainable economy for the Amazon and that this year alone will receive R $ 450 million in investments. "Manacapuru, Novo Airão and Iranduba are a great pole of fish farming and fruit growing and hence the 5 years the same fisherman who now need ice to catch the fish of nature will have up to ten tanks dug with help from the government and can earn up 100 more often ", completed.

With a budget of $ 1,5 billion to invest in infrastructure projects in the Amazon, the governor took the opportunity to announce that it will revitalize the city streets, asphalting extensions and still continue to work fronts of doubling AM-070. "We are completing the road duplication. Already got all necessary licenses and now we go with two work fronts. A here to Manaus and another that's coming. We will also pave the extension of boat-billed heron and we will also give a tidy in Bela Vista, since one is connected to the other. Not to mention the streets that we will revitalize the city ", completed.

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