Government announces adjustments for school meals

The adjustment will be the first after seven years.
08/02/2017 11h42 - Updated 8/02/2017 11h42
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The amounts transferred by the federal government to states and municipalities to complement school meals will now have its first adjustment after seven years. The increase is being announced at this time by President Michel Temer and the Minister of Education, Mendonça Filho, in ceremony at the Presidential Palace. R $ 465 million more, to be released through the National School Feeding Programme (Pnae) in 2017, benefit 41 million students.

The adjustment will be 20% for students of primary and secondary education, public accounting 71% of enrolled in the program. The other medium will increase 7%. These percentages refer to the per capita adjustment / meal to be applied. The budget for Pnae 2017 It is $ 4,15 billion. Of this total, R$ 1,24 billion are destined buying food produced by family farmers. "Access to quality food, the lunch, It is an indispensable condition for a good learning. Since 2010 the value of the meals had no passed adjustment for state and local governments ", the minister said, opening ceremony.

According to the Ministry of Education, the transfers to municipalities will be fixed up 10%. For those in the municipalities with up to 20 thousand, the transfers will increase 15%. "They will receive R $ 231 one thousand, while municipalities with up to 50 thousand will receive R $ 429 one thousand [12% adjustment]”, the minister Mendonça Filho. These values ​​are referenced 200 school days per year and will be passed to each 20 school days.

Municipalities with up to 100 thousand will receive R $ 993,4 one thousand; and up to 500 thousand, R$ 2,83 millions, or corresponding to adjustments 12% e 13% respectively.

The Pnae transfer additional resources to states and municipalities, the Federal District and the federal schools, in order to meet the nutritional needs of students of all basic education (child education, elementary School, high school and adult education) enrolled in public schools, philanthropic and community conveniadas.

Source: Agency Brazil

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