Government earmarks R $ 100 million to support the prison system

The funds will be used for logistical support to the armed forces in the penitentiary system.
21/02/2017 15h51 - Updated 22/02/2017 11h21
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President Michel Temer opened today (21) extraordinary credit of R $ 100 million for the Ministry of Defence. The funds will be used for logistical support to the armed forces in the prison system and in public safety actions in the states.

In January, the federal government authorized the operation of the armed forces in prisons to inspection materials considered prohibited and strengthen security in the units. Internal security, However, It remains the responsibility of the correctional officers and police.

Cooperation between local and federal entities in combating organized crime and modernization of prisons is one of the points of the National Public Security Plan, launched by the federal government in January, amid the crisis in the prison system in different states, which has already resulted in the death of over 100 detainees.

The support of the Ministry of Defence will be given on demand of governors. For this, they should ask the President a decree to guarantee law and order, the legal instrument that will determine the sending of military. In this case, the command of the operation is the responsibility of the Armed Forces.

The military will come only in prisons after local police forces to ensure that there is no risk. The military will not have contact with prisoners, to be removed from cells and other premises during the inspection for weapons, drugs and cell phones. The military will also provide training for their own state public security forces have regular inspections.

The provisional measure to the extraordinary credit was published in the Official Gazette.

Andreia Verdélio – Agency Brazil

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