Government of Amazonas reduces 40% cases of leprosy

The Amazon went from first to 18th place in the national ranking of disease cases.
09/02/2017 08h32 - Updated 9/02/2017 17h14
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The Amazon has shown, the last six years, significant reduction in the incidence of leprosy. Between 2010 e 2016, the state recorded a fall 40,7% where due to control actions and combat disease, developed by the Government of Amazonas. On Wednesday, 8 of February, the subject was to be discussed by government authorities and civil society, during a ceremony that honored the governor of Acre, Sebastian Viana, author of Law 11.520/2007, establishing indemnifying pension for persons affected by leprosy and were subjected to isolation and compulsory hospitalization.

The anti-disease activities are coordinated by the Tropical Dermatology and Venereology Foundation Alfredo da Matta (fuam), an agency of the State Secretariat of Health of Amazonas (Sesame), who achieved a historic achievement had taken the Amazon from first to 18th place in the national leprosy cases ranking. During the meeting held at the COURTS State School Violet Matos Areosa, in the neighborhood Colonia Antonio Aleixo, area east of Manaus, the deputy governor of Amazonas, Henrique Oliveira, He said that the State Government has been joining efforts to improve the care of people with leprosy.

"The governor Jose Melo has given special attention to the issues of state health and will spare no effort to reduce cases of the disease. As leprosy, other health problems are having a support to bring quality service to the population, between them, we can highlight the opening of the center of Delfina Aziz Hospital of images in the north, as well as other structures and equipment acquired for other network drives that need support to ensure good treatment conditions of patients ", said the deputy governor.

According to data of the Department of Disease Control and Epidemiology of Fuam, in 2010 Amazon had 705 Disease cases. In 2016, this number was reduced to 418. Of the total cases last year, the highest incidences occurred in males (59,8%), while the female was 40,2%. The Boca do Acre municipalities, Parintins, Manacapuru, Humaita, Manipur, Presidente Figueiredo, Novo Aripuana and Manaus were those with the highest records of cases 2016.

The Fuam is advancing the supervision of municipalities in order to eliminate the disease in the state. In 2014 They were supervised 25 counties; in 2015 were 40 cities, is at 2016 the Fuam supervised 53 Amazonian municipalities.

indemnifying law – To her 11.520/2007, which was created and sanctioned by the Federal Government, in 2007, currently provides a monthly compensation of R $ 1.341. No Brasil, about nine thousand people have been compensated, and the Amazon the benefit reaches 950 people. The Movement for Reintegration of People affected by leprosy (Morhan) It is a non-profit, acting from 1979, and carries out activities aimed at the elimination of leprosy, and building effective public policies for the care of persons affected by the disease. The state coordinator of the association, Pedro Borges, He explains that this support indemnity brought quality of life for many families in the State of Amazonas.

"She (lei) has brought a big benefit because many people who were hospitalized for a compulsory way in the neighborhood of Colonia Antonio Aleixo, which at the time was known to house people with leprosy. And these people have improved life and conquered their space in society because I saw they purchase their homes, cars and better dignity ", says.

Dignity – The old Maria do Carmo Amorim, 83, It was one of the first beneficiaries of the compensation. She, who came from the town of Obidos in Para State (PA), It was abandoned by family and had to face the challenges of life with the disease. To be awarded compensation, Maria do Carmo can have more dignity in life. "I live happily in my life because I can count on this benefit to do many things, what was formerly almost impossible ".

The extent of the law to benefit those who were left out of the compensation is the new front of struggle with the Federal Government, as shown by the honored, Governor Sebastião Viana. "Law studies other additional details to analyze the cases of those people who could not be in the colonies-shelters because they had no vacancies and those sons of former leprosy patients, who were taken from their mothers and fathers, and separated. These situations are for current legislators resolve ".

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