Government of the Amazon works to enable four mineral exploration projects

Jose Melo, met up, along with his economic team, with business representatives to discuss and take forward the projects.
11/02/2017 13h57 - Updated 11/02/2017 13h57
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The Government of Amazonas already deals with domestic and foreign investors of at least four projects related to the exploitation of minerals, provided for in the new Economic Matrix State. This Friday, day 10 of February, the governor, professor José Melo, met up, along with his economic team, the seat of government, with business representatives to discuss and take forward the projects.

One of them relates to the request, by Potassium Brazil Ltda, of tax equality of ICMS between Potassium Chloride (KCI) imported and what the company plans to produce in Autazes county so there is the viability of the project, whose estimated investment is around US $ 2 billion. The KCI is one of the main inputs that make NPK fertilizers comprising nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, applied in agriculture, and Brazil is one of the largest importers of the product. The company asks differential treatment of ICMS on operations with Potassium Chloride and Sodium Chloride.

Also already in progress one Taboca Mining project that aims to change the production of tin , in Presidente Figueiredo, for the production of strategic metals - Tantalum, Rare Lands, Tin, Niobium, Zirconium, Uranium and Thorium -, without increasing mining, just enjoying the waste that is generated today. If the change proves viable, the company must install a processing plant in Manaus, with investments of up to US $ 500 millions.

In addition to its own investments, the company is seeking funds from the Financier of Studies and Projects (finep) and BNDES to help in search.

Already Rosneft, Russian company, wants to expand the exploration of natural gas and oil in the Amazon, precisely in the Solimões Basin, while Kalamazon Geological Survey awaiting approval by the National Department of Mineral Production (DNPM) and environmental licensing of Amazonas Environmental Protection Institute (Ipaam) Kaolin to start operating near Manaus. The ore is used in many industries among which ceramic, pharmaceutical, power generation, feed, agricultural, biofuel, Petroleum, cosmetic, ink, plastic, eraser, among other roles.

"They are all models of use of sustainable mineral development with the least possible impact, together with the Economic and Environmental Matrix", said the State Secretary of Planning, José Jorge Nascimento Junior, which followed the meeting of the next Secretary of the Treasury, Jorge Jatahy. "The orientation of the governor is full support for the viability of the business, clarification and support the studies of economic feasibility ", said the secretary of SEPLAN-CTI.

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