Government and representatives of women's PMs start negotiations in the Holy Spirit

The stoppage of the police comes today (9) on the sixth day and the city is living climate of violence.
09/02/2017 10h53 - Updated 9/02/2017 10h53
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A meeting, which ended at the end of last night (8), between government secretaries of the Holy Spirit and representatives of women and associations of the military police (PMs) established a channel of dialogue to end the crisis in public security triggered by the lack of patrolling the streets of PMs. The strike comes today (9) no sixth day.

According to Secretary of Human Rights, July Pompeu, movement leaders had an agenda the two points: general amnesty for all police, since they are forbidden to strike, e 100% to increase for all category.

According to Cable Association and Soldiers of the Military Police and Fire State Military of the Holy Spirit (ACS), the basic salary of a police officer in the state's $ 2,6 one thousand, while the national average reached R $ 4 one thousand.

The secretary said it was scheduled for this afternoon another meeting for the government to present a counterproposal. "We were to examine the proposal to see what we can actually do to advance the discussion", said Pompey.

Early, the governor, César Colnago, He ruled out any possibility of wage increase at this time.

"People are frightened, people are dying in the streets. This is serious. The police have full gravity of the moment of consciousness that we are living. I am very confident that we will be able to restore sanity, because what we are experiencing here is a state of complete insanity ", said Secretary of Human Rights.

By the military police, were representatives of ACS, Warrant of Association and Sergeants of the Holy Spirit and the state of the Military Officers Association.

The Standing Committee of Negotiation is formed, besides Julio Pompey, the secretaries of Staff, José Carlos da Fonseca, and Control and Transparency, Eugenio Ricas.

Armed forces

Since today, the Holy Spirit must have the patrol 1.850 men of the Armed Forces and National Force.

Defense Minister, Raul Jungmann, It announced yesterday that Operation Capixaba received the booster 550 armed forces personnel. Besides that, more 100 members of the National Public Security Force will arrive in Victoria today and will patrol in municipalities. They join the thousand men of the army and the 200 National Force are already patrolling the streets of the metropolitan area of ​​the capital.

The government of the Holy Spirit moved on Wednesday the operational control of the public security organs to Brigadier General Carlos Adilson Katibe, commander of the joint task force and authority in charge of operations of the Armed Forces, The aim is to promote the guarantee of law and order in the state to 16 of February.


The Urban Transport Company of Greater Victoria reported that the bus system Transcol return to operate gradually from this Thursday. The lines that pass the highways contour and Serafim Derenzi will not circulate. The operation, which will only with trunks (between terminals), goes to 18h.

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