Men caught with drugs trying to bribe police and is arrested

The pair tried to bribe the police with the amount of one thousand reais to be released.
15/02/2017 16h01 - Updated 15/02/2017 16h01
Photo: disclosure

Naelson Souza da Silva, 24 years and Daniel Hudson Carmo Andrade, 20 years were arrested red-handed early on Wednesday (15), on the premises of a commercial establishment possession of narcotics and accused of attempted bribery. The arrest was another action Operation Eagle.

According to information of the Aspirant PM Elson Júnior, Area supervisor of the 24th Company Interactive Community (IDPF), patrolling on motorcycles 6348 e 6353, They saw the pair at Simão Bolívar Street, South zone of the capital, in suspicious attitude, They were found to be covered with individuals 29 bundles allegedly cocaine base, five caliber revolver ammunition 38, five mobile phones, a sum of money, three rings, a bracelet, various identities, supposedly people stolen, two clocks, two strings and a USB stick.

Also according to the Aspirant of PM Junior double tried to bribe the police with the amount of one thousand reais to be released. Naelson informed the police that the drugs were for his own use and that actually works selling mobile phones without origin. The police gave prison voice the duo who were led to the 1st District Integrated Police. Naelson and Hudson will answer for possession of narcotics, theft, fencing.

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