Francisca Mendes University Hospital held 467 surgeries 2016

Until the day 16 Of this month, They have been held 96 surgery (patients between children and adults).
22/02/2017 10h31 - Updated 22/02/2017 16h23
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Only the state specialized public in heart disease, in 2016, the University Francisca Mendes Hospital (HUFM) performed 467 cardiac surgery (in adults and children). According to the director of the unit, Juliana Palheta, hospital demand is growing, since it is sought after by patients from across the North who rely on treatment by the Unified Health System (THEIR). "In order to be the one in the art, possess a growing demand from patients queue to perform elective treatments, whose order fulfillment depends on criteria such as seniority, disease severity and age of the patient ", says Juliana.

Until the day 16 Of this month, They have been held 96 surgery (patients between children and adults). In addition to surgery, the HUFM also focuses different types of tests related to the area, and elective medical procedures high complexity Hemodynamic.

According to hospital data, from January to December 2016, were done 810.172 laboratory tests, 73.569 outpatient visits, 208 Vascular surgery, 5.055 Procedures in Interventional Cardiology and Neurology, 37.211 Specialized tests to Support Diagnostics, as 10.987 X ray, 7.048 CT scans, 629 Ultrassonografias, 4.914 scintigraphy, 3.436 transthoracic echocardiography, 9.095 Eletrocardiogramas ECG, 690 Ergometers Test / Stress Test and 412 Monitoring by Holter System 24.

Interior – The 61 State interior municipalities are also covered by the HUFM services, by meio de um Telemedicine and Teleradiology Core. Second or hospital, this structure gives priority to telecardiologia, with the completion of teleconsultation in cardiology and cardiac exams remote diagnosis. In 2016, the HUFM held teleconsultation online and issued reports of 41.819 exams, and: 39.847 Tele-ECG, 1.009 Telemapa, 876 Teleholter e 5.634 Telerradiologias.

Juliana Palheta, He points out that the hospital serves many patients from neighboring states, mainly from Pará. For it is a reference in the cardiac and vascular areas, the health unit only receives the cases previously evaluated by professionals from other units, assessing the need or not for more specialized care. "The surgeries are scheduled. The first patient in other indoor units and, after, if any surgery, for example, the person is sent to Francisca Mendes ", explains Juliana.

The director says that once in the hospital, the patient goes through the evaluation of a multidisciplinary team that will give the final word on the statement of the case for surgery.

Profile – The HUFM is maintained with state funds and the National Health System (THEIR). The predominant profile of patients seen in the hospital is of older people, and the history of other diseases, as diabetes and hypertension.

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