Indicated by Temer to STF Alexandre de Moraes asks the PSDB disaffiliation

Thereby, Moraes meets the constitutional provision is not linked to political party to take over the vacancy in the Supreme.
07/02/2017 15h58 - Updated 7/02/2017 15h58
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The national president of the PSDB, Senator Aécio Neves (MG) he said today (7) which received the request for disaffiliation party from the hands of licensed minister of Justice, Alexandre de Moraes, recently appointed to the Supreme Court (STF) by President Michel Temer. according to Aécio, thereby, Moraes meets the constitutional provision is not linked to political party to take over the vacancy in the Supreme.

"I can say that, since today, Moraes Alexander is a former toucan. It fulfills what determines the Constitution, desfiliando from the PSDB, because it is inconsistent that a Supreme Court minister is affiliated with a political party ", said Senator.

Neves defended the right of the minister to have been affiliated with the PSDB today, tem or been under fire from opponents. "It is not incompatible, or reprehensible – as has happened with several ministers of the Supreme – that before taking on the role the Supreme Court he could also have its partisan militancy, what is healthy and beneficial to democracy ", completed.

According to the national president of the PSDB, with the expectation that the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) Senate be installed until tomorrow at 10 am, the minister may go by the CCJ Sabbath until the day 22. Then, your name will be submitted to the plenary of the House.

Indications in the Senate

Aécio Neves also said the PSDB decided to name Senator Tasso Jereissati (PSDB-CE) to chair the Committee on Economic Affairs (FALLS OFF) and Senator Antonio Anastasia (PSDB-MG) to be the vice-chairman of the Committee on Constitution and Justice of the Senate.

The presidency of the CCJ will be up to the PMDB, but so far the party members not yet reached an agreement on the name to be displayed. At least three PMDB senators vie for vacancy: Marta Suplicy (SP), Raimundo Lira (PB) and Edison Lobão (BUT).

On the rumors that Anastasia was tipped to stay with Moraes Alexandre wave in the Ministry of Justice, Aécio Neves said the statement will be up to President Temer, but signaled that his colleague would not be interested.

"I always have a great caution in anticipating names for ministries. This is a matter that lies with the President of the Republic. But what I can anticipate is that Senator Antonio Anastasia has been willing to move away from its activities in the Senate. That's what he told me yesterday ", he said.

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