Institution selects AM entrepreneurs to establish business in Dubai

No next day 3, the company with international operations will hold a workshop on Fieam headquarters.
26/02/2017 15h34 - Updated 27/02/2017 16h20
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Amazonian entrepreneurs of the cosmetics sector, food and drinks have, now, the opportunity to enter the international market, specifically in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, through the support of the International Business Center Amazon (CIN-AM), the Federation of Industries of the State of Amazonas (Fieam).

No next day 3 March, a ‘ALM Brazil International Exportadora e Importadora Ltda’, based in Rio de Janeiro, through their representatives in Manaus promote a workshop looking for companies interested in exhibiting their products at the event, to be held in Dubai in early April.

ALM install a representation in the country to market Amazon products and looking for entrepreneurs interested in exhibiting their products from cosmetics sectors, food and drinks, except alcohol.

O gerente do CIN-AM, Marcelo Lima, explains that Amazon products are well seen by the Arab world and that the search partnership could mean expansion in the international market.

"The United Arab Emirates are potential consumers of the products of our region, are products that attract the attention of the market by its peculiarities and being exotic. A representation will be installed in Dubai in order to exhibit and sell these products and it shows as another great opportunity to really start exporting ", He emphasized the manager.

About selection of companies

The selection of companies for the Amazonian Brazil ALM International Exporter and Importer Ltda will be held in the workshop which is scheduled to take place on the afternoon of 3 March in Fieam headquarters, located at Avenida Joaquim Nabuco, 1919, Center.

Latin America has long been regarded as the largest market for beauty products, but international analysts say the Middle East and Africa have surpassed Latin America and is considered the fastest growing market for beauty products, and even more for the food market.

Entrepreneurs interested in participating in the selection workshop can obtain information with CIN-AM team at the headquarters of Fieam [email protected] or by email and by telephone (92) 3631-0907 or 3186-65114.

A company

ALM Brazil International Ltda. is a Brazilian company based in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which operates in the international market since 2004, primarily assisting small and medium enterprises to position themselves in the international market.

The company aims to promote solutions to Brazilian and foreign companies, in order to create solid commercial and institutional partnerships, through the know-how, in international business expertise, foreign trade and analysis of international contracts.

Among the missions of ALM Brazil Iternational are to solve, grow up, interact and improve. Its main vision is to become a company known internationally for the experience of the solutions used in global trade relations, developing them sustainably.

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