Brothers arrested for attempted murder in south-central

The victim was a man 42 years was beaten with wooden sticks, bottleneck. Offenders tried to still pass with a bike over his head.
17/02/2017 15h19 - Updated 17/02/2017 15h19
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The brothers Carmelo Ezequiel Nascimento, 21, and Deborah Luanna Arcanjo do Nascimento, 26, They were arrested on suspicion of being authors of attempted murder that victimized a man 42 years.

According to the police, The crime occurred on 25 December 2016, on public road, in Severiano Street, Aleixo neighborhood, Central South area of ​​the city.

Second delegate, Carmel and Deborah were arrested in compliance with the preventive arrest warrant issued on Wednesday, day 15, the judge of the 1st jury Stick, Mirza Telma Cunha de Oliveira. The brothers were intercepted by police officers from the 16th DIP in the house where they lived, located at the same address where the crime occurred.

Alynne according Lima, on crime, por volta the 5h, Carmelo, Deborah and twin brothers Emanuele and Erick, that the crime of the time they were teenagers, They were to a celebration party. In this ocasion, the man of 42 years was in place following the former teammate Emanuele. The four elements that were together would have instigated a discussion with former teammate Emanuele, for he would have beaten the then teenager.

"At the moment the fight, former companion of the girl ran into his house and locked in a room. Being friend of the author of the aggression Man 42 years was beaten with wooden sticks, bottleneck and offenders even tried to pass with a bike over his head, but they were stopped by people who were on site. The victim got many bruises in the body ", He explained the delegate.

After the crime, Civil Police crowded the 16th DIP began the investigation surrounding the case. From the testimony of witnesses and the victim delegated Alynne Lima represented the application for arrest on behalf of the brothers Carmelo and Deborah. Emanuele and Erick will be heard, released and the procedure will be referred to the Specialized Police in Determination of Acts infractional (Deaai).

Carmel and Deborah were indicted for attempted aggravated murder for futile reasons. At the police station building, after consulting the Integrated Public Safety System (Sisp), it was found that Carmelo had passage by police for possession of narcotics. After the procedures applicable in the police unit, Carmelo will be conducted at the Provisional Detention Center Male (CDPM) Deborah and the Provisional Detention Center Female (CDPF).

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