Jose Melo, It presents Environmental Economic Matrix Federation of Amazon Industries

In this ocasion, Governor destrinchou the main proposals of the Matrix, which already has budget of $ 450 million planned for this year.
10/02/2017 13h29 - Updated 10/02/2017 13h29
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After officially launching the new Environmental Economic Matrix as state policy, the governor of Amazonas, professor José Melo, Alternatively presented, which is the main purpose of economic growth for the region and an alternative to the Manaus Free Trade Zone, members of the Federation of Industries of the State of Amazonas (Fieam). The presentation took place late on Thursday, 9, during the 1st Meeting of the entity's Board in 2017.

In this ocasion, Governor destrinchou the main proposals of the Matrix, which already has budget of $ 450 million planned for this year, to encourage the implementation of a new sustainable economy focused on developing projects for the natural resources of the Amazon, such as fish farming, fruit, drugs, cosmetics, among others.

Melo spoke of the importance of the participation of members of the federation in the construction of the new economic model. "Do not do anything alone. You do not reach social goals if you do not have jobs and income, that are generated by entrepreneurs. So, Matrix will not take off if entrepreneurs do not understand the concept and are willing to invest their money. Therefore, we have to announce the proposal everywhere, but mostly among entrepreneurs ".

The governor was keen to strengthen both economic models, both the current, moved by industry, as proposed by him, They will work together. "First, the Manaus Free Trade Zone is very important to us, but she needs a little brother to have a more balanced economic model. This is where the Matrix, with a proposal for sustainable use of all the resources that nature has given us. remembering, no alternative excludes the other, quite the opposite, they complement each other ", said the governor.

During the ceremony, Governor Jose Melo signed a decree that includes the state federations in the committee that will review the tax incentives in the Amazon. "The law imposes on us that ten years do the revaluation of tax incentives. We are including, the committee that will do this, federations of industries, trade and agriculture, because we want to give a law that is made by many hands, so that it has a concept balance, with sufficient resources to our people and also entrepreneurs can continue generating jobs and income. Therefore, I could not I do it myself with my technicians ", he explained.

The president of Fieam, Antonio Carlos da Silva, the measure shows the commitment of the Government to the development of the State. According to him, the mother and the new proposal for the incentive law, become attractive Amazonian economy for investors. "These measures make the strongest Amazon and provide security for investments. We went through a difficult time, with the loss of a large number of jobs at the Pole, we do not have high expectations, but thanks to state management, made by Governor Jose Melo, we are certainly on the right path to restore growth ", he said.

As flow alternative to production and to end the isolation of the region, Melo also presented a solution design to remedy environmental problems and structures faced by BR-319, proposal by the Minister of the Environment, José Sarney Filho, during his visit to the Amazon.

According to the governor, the implementation of the concept of road-park, already used in Europe and in countries around the world, the enveloping, the construction of overhead and underground passages for animals in the region, electronic monitoring, the presence of the army and the creation of projects for the people living on the road would make the project feasible and the road driveable. "The minister was in favor our suggestion and even called us for discussion in ten days'. We intend to invest yes, because we understand that the BR-319 is essential to the Matrix that we are developing and with it we will end this isolation and the people of the Amazon will be able to connect to the rest of Brazil with a route that is not air ", Jose Melo finished.

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