José Melo emphasizes the importance of diplomatic relations between Brazil and Colombia for drug trafficking combat

The governor stressed that the diplomatic partnership between neighboring countries should strengthen the work of public safety in relation to the problems border.
01/02/2017 15h00 - Updated 1/02/2017 15h01

During the visit of defense ministers of Brazil, Raul Jungmann, and Colombia, Luiz Carlos Villegas, in Manaus on Tuesday, 31 from January, in the Amazon Military Command (CMA), Ponta Negra, West zone, Governor Jose Melo stressed that the diplomatic partnership between neighboring countries should strengthen the work of public safety in relation to the problems border. The meeting served to extend the cooperation agreements and combating border problems between the two countries.

“It is vital that diplomatic relations that Brazil is having with the countries where they produce over 90% of cocaine that the world consumes, in the case of Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. We are on the right track to solve the country's internal problems. In our state, the vast majority of police reports have to do with drug trafficking, and if we contain drugs at the border with the police apparatus that have, we take a major step forward in public safety”

The governor Jose Melo also stressed the importance of the Federal Government in the fight against drug trafficking on the borders of the Amazon. “I see with great joy the position of the president who had the courage to tackle the problem of crime and drug trafficking the way it is being addressed. If not contermos the border can not solve the problem here (Amazon). Therefore, I see the military, by direction of the President, already organizing for this task. I see that the future is the salvation of many families of drugs ", said Jose Melo.

Regarding the highway BR-319, Governor Jose Melo stressed that an environmental development project is being built to help work in the region with the support of the Federal Government and the Brazilian Army. "We will only get the BR-319 upon a concept of integrated development of the Amazon looking at environmental preservation. This project is being shaped by many hands for guidance of the president, We will soon launch this project to all states who live this drama, such as Mato Grosso do Sul and Mato Grosso, because there enters drug Paraguay. The Army volunteered with resources, guaranteed the middle section which are the 400 km, without removal of trees and animals ", said the governor.

Among the measures consolidated the bilateral agreement between Brazil and Colombia in meeting, is the integration in the field of intelligence to continuously traffic information on the work of common interest, involving from the positions of Brazil and Colombia borders to the ministries in Brasilia. Besides that, It was strengthened dialogue between the two countries on fighting illegal mining and the intensification of inspections on immigration favoring illegal trafficking of people and drugs at the borders.

One of the agreements concluded by the Minister of Defense of Brazil, Raul Jungmann, is the provision of information by Colombia on the issue of weapons. "Colombia, to our satisfaction and joy, was willing to share all the data on the delivery of weapons, and this is something that is an achievement not only for the Amazon frontier, but also for all our cities. There is also a fear that weapons, fruits of the peace process, migrate to our cities, and with this opening we have been given by the Minister of Defense of Colombia can now have accurate information about the estimated delivery weapons so that we can have the necessary information for the controls to be developed ".

This was the first meeting of a round of bilateral talks on defense with the countries of South America, under the policy to expand cooperation in combating cross-border problems. Within four months should occur next meeting to make the monitoring of the agreements made in Manaus.

The minister of Colombia, Luiz Carlos Villegas, He was awarded the Order of Merit of Commendation of Defense for its support to the plane crash that killed 71 Brazilians, last November, with the team Chapecoense.

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