Youth accused of killing female couple during a robbery is stuck at home

Felipe Xavier Oliveira, 18, He was arrested at his house, in the same neighborhood where the crime occurred. Josanne Maria Almeida da Silva and Ana Paula da Silva Pereira were shot during the robbery.
13/02/2017 15h39 - Updated 14/02/2017 10h56
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Felipe Xavier Oliveira, 18, "The Ax Murderer", He was arrested by police officers from the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs), named as the gunman who killed the couple Josanne Maria Almeida da Silva and Ana Paula da Silva Pereira, no last day 6 of February, the avenue Silves, Root neighborhood, in the south of the city.

Segundo o Delgado Adjulto Dr. Dehs, Luiz Rocha, "Mad Dog" was arrested last Friday, 10, por volta the 11h, for integrated action involving police officers of DEHS and 7 DIP. The incident occurred in the house where he lived, located at Rua Ipiranga, alley Ipiranga, Root neighborhood, Sul.

"When we arrived at the residence of Felipe apprehend the offender with 11 illicit substance portions accomodated, individually, in black bags and three portions of narcotic substance stored in white bag. With it we find the cell of one of the victims of armed robbery, Josanne”, said Luiz Rocha.

After Felipe in prison for drug trafficking, It was represented the request for provisional arrest for armed robbery in his name and accomplice, identified as Gilvan Lima Days, 25, The "Maninho", being sought by police. The document was issued on Saturday, day 11, by Judge SANA Nogueira Almendros de Oliveira, Criminal Duty.

"On the day of the crime and Gilvan Felipe approached the victims when they arrived by car the house where they lived. Josanne caught wrestling with the offender and eventually targeted with four shots. She died on the spot. Ana Paula was hit in the back when he tried to escape. She was taken to the hospital with life and Emergency Room 28 of August, in south-central, which came hours after death, no dia 7 of February. The offenders fled on foot, leading to Josanne bag, where the phone was her ", He explained the delegate Juan Valério.

The holder of DEHS stressed that an eyewitness to the event recognized Philip as the author of the shots in Josanne and Ana Paula. Security cameras recorded the moment the offenders left the scene of the crime. As the police authority, Felipe said, in testimony, which was called by the accomplice to make a "run" – term used by offenders in reference to theft - but did not shoot women. Young argued, still, Gilvan that would have left the mobile Josanne with him so he could sell the device.

Felipe was booked in the act of drug trafficking and charged with robbery. As the delegate Juan Valério, the offender was taken into custody hearing last Saturday, day 11, due to the drug trafficking crime, and he was kept in prison.

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