Leaders define which parties occupy positions in the Director of the Chamber Board

The division of the Officers positions of the House of Representatives was set at a meeting of leaders held this afternoon.
01/02/2017 17h48 - Updated 1/02/2017 17h48
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After the formation of party blocs, the division of the Officers positions of the House of Representatives was set at a meeting of leaders held this afternoon (2). The bylaws of the House, the distribution of seats is done in proportion to the stands and party blocs.

The bloc led by the PMDB will have all six tenured positions Bureau, except for presidency, whose definition will take place tomorrow (3) during the vote. formed by 13 matches (PMDB, PSDB, PP, PR, PSD, PSB, THE, PRB, PTN, PPS, PHS, PV and PTdoB), totaling 359 MEPs, the block supports the current chairman of the House, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), that tenatará be reappointed.

It will be up to indicate the PMDB candidate for 1st vice-presidency. The party has not set a name. Yesterday (1º), They played indicating the bench MPs Lucio Veira Lima (BA) and Joseph Priante (PA). in the vote, each got 28 votes, deferring the decision. The expectation is that the issue is still unresolved on Wednesday. The 2nd vice president took the PP, it has not set the indicated.

A 1st secretary, office considered the most important after the presidency, by taking care of the administration of the House, It will be headed by a parliamentarian PR, party with the fifth largest of the Chamber bench, with 39 MEPs. In sequence, it will be the PSDB, with 47 MEPs, indicate who will occupy the 2nd Secretary. The PSB will get the 3rd and the PSD will indicate the occupant of the 4th department.

The first substitute will be with PT. Or party, which has the second largest Chamber bench, with 57 MEPs, pleaded a place in the table with the argument of proportionality the stands. Along with PDT and the PCdoB, the party formed a bloc with 90 MPs trying to get a job in Mesa. The pedetista André Figueiredo (THIS) It is the bloc's candidate for the presidency of the Chamber. Rests with the party who will indicate the second substitutive. PRB and EN complete the suplências the secretariats.

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