More of 600 children and youth guarantee places in the 'School of Sport Initiation' and 'Community Activities'

Enrollment began on Wednesday, 1st day, and will until the day 10 of February.
04/02/2017 11h45 - Updated 4/02/2017 11h45
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Registration for the over 2.600 waves of “School of Sport Initiation” (OWN), comprising children and youth 6 a 16 years, and to “Community activities”, directed to people from 17 years on, It is a success. At the end of Thursday, 02, but of 600 people guaranteed berth in the two programs that are offered by the Government of Amazonas, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel). Enrollment began on Wednesday, 1st day.

"I can say that this is being the most sought year by Escolinhas. A real joy for us, we do not stop to meet parents and guardians. This all reflects how people has been aware of the importance of sports, especially for children and youth. Our suggestion is for people to come as soon as possible carry out registration, and are sure that everyone will be accompanied by trained professionals who want to train athletes, but mostly people of good ", said the coordinator of the sports programs Sejel, Lilian Valente.

Registration for the “School Start” e “Community activities” will until the day 10 Of this month, and take place from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 11pm and from 14h to 17h, complex in the auditorium of the Olympic Village of Manaus, localizado na Off. Pedro Teixeira, 400 – Dom Pedro. The 1.400 vacancies offered for Sports Initiation, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, and futsal lead demand.

"I am very happy. It will be my first time doing gymnastics. I always saw the girls on television and the Olympics. Always I wanted to do this. Quando vi o link na internet (matter on registration) I told Mom and she brought me. I hope one day to be representing Brazil in competitions ", told the student Gabriele Castro, from 12 years, accompanied by the proud mother.

"When I realized that she liked gymnastics. She watched television and enjoyed the sport. Then I decided to face the rain and sign it. It will be great", said housewife, Keliane Castro.

Parents of Little Arthur, five years, and Leticia, from 12 years, also ensured the enrollment of children in judo and rhythmic gymnastics. "They have trained the SESC last year and this year we decided to come to Vila. Maybe one day they may be in the Olympics. It will be good for them and a healthy occupation, where they will learn, socialize and gain quality of life ", said the mother of the young, Deborah Smith, beside her husband Manoel Soares.

Paulo Gustavo, from 12 years, It was one who did not conform to perform only one activity for Little School. Like this, students of the State School Senator John Bosco Ramos Lima, City Iranduba, metropolitan region of Manaus, will face boxing and futsal.

"I chose boxing to fight and defend myself. I also accompanied the Olympics and saw Robson Conceição who took gold and it encouraged me. With futsal champion I went with my school and now I want to improve. I live in Iranduba, but I find it hard to come to Capital. My parents encourage me and support, there is easier ", said the boy.

Paul's mother, owner Gelce Rodrigues, already sees the child as a high performance athlete here some time. "This is good and will not leave it unoccupied. He plays ball very well and wanted to invest in it, but we are unable. Live after the bridge (Black river) and I will also enroll one of his little friend. Hence while, I know they will be professional and compete very well ", He stressed.

Activities every day
By Community Activities are being offered three modes, being guided walk, gymnastics and school rhythms. Interested parties have two hours option to practice: 6h at 8.30am and from 18h to 20h. Classes are daily, from Monday to Friday, and has a total of 1.200 vacancies.

The classes of the 'School of Sport Initiation' and 'Community activities' start on 13 of February, and all are held in the complex of the Olympic Village of Manaus, localizado na Off. Pedro Teixeira. For both programs are charged the amount of R $ 15 monthly.

Upon registration, applications are the following documents for those who wish to participate in the Initiation School: 2 photos, proof of address, birth certificate (1 xerox) and education voucher. While for Community Activities are asked: 2 photos, proof of address, birth certificate (1 xerox), RG and medical report.

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