More de2,4 thousand tourists come to Manaus on board the ship M / S Oriana

The ship is the second largest Cruise Season 2016/2017 and brought on board 2.466 tourists.
06/02/2017 15h34 - Updated 6/02/2017 15h34

Southampton, in England, to Manaus, the ship M / S Oriana first docked at the port of Amazonas capital on Monday, day 6, at 10 am. The ship is the second largest Cruise Season 2016/2017 and brought on board 2.466 tourists. The next stop of the Oriana is scheduled for next Wednesday, day 8, in Parintins.

The M / S Oriana is the ninth ship of the season and, according to the president of the State Company of Amazonas Tourism (Amazonastur), Oreni Braga, this February, three ships will dock at the Port of Manaus. “In this month, the flow of tourists that are coming to the city by tourist ships will increase. They have gone through this season Manaus 13.405 tourists”, reported Braga.

The next ship to arrive in Manaus is approximately Braemar 1,2 thousand tourists, between passengers and crew. “The integrated action of Federal Agencies, State and Municipal is important so that everything goes according to plan. We have to receptivity as our best business card, so that the responsibility is great at making our role in the best possible way”, said holder Amazonastur, to highlight the actions planned with the Executive Assistant Secretary for Planning and Management Integrated Security (Seagi), through the Center for Integrated Command and Control Regional Amazon (CICC).

“The Cruise season is a consolidated framework of tourist flow in the city, each time more and better prepares to receive them, a fact that has a growing since the World Cup. This is a result of the integrated operations that ensure excellent responsiveness and safety of our tourists”, said the CEO of Manauscult, Bernardo Monteiro de Paula.

Action reception was made by teams Amazonastur and Municipal Culture Foundation, Tourism and Events (Manauscult), who distributed bilingual guides and Indian handicraft gifts. A welcome card will also be delivered on Tuesday, day 7, before departure of the ship, out of the harbor towards Parintins.

Disembarking at the port, tourists were also greeted by a cultural show commanded by lifter toadas, Prince do Boi. “In addition to the tourist town, tourists want to reference the cuisine and culture. And the best way to get them is with our cultural identity”, said lifter toadas.

Later this month are expected to reach the ships Regatta (13/02) e Prinsendam (27/02). The season will continue until the month of June. “Aiming to expand the range of attractions in the city of Manaus, we are coordinating with tour operators, and other, the Amazon Arena insert the visits script of transatlantic tourists, to be a very important equipment for the World Sports Tourism”, Braga finished Oreni.

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