Manauscult announces preliminary results support the Samba Schools Manaus

The announcement provides support for up to 26 associations, number that corresponds to the amount of samba schools participating today Manaus Carnival.
14/02/2017 10h27 - Updated 14/02/2017 10h27
Photo: Ingrid Anne/Manauscult

The 20 proposals submitted by associations and Manaus samba schools for Carnival 2017, eight were deemed qualified by the Notice No. 01/2017, of the Municipal Culture Foundation, Tourism and Events (Manauscult), to receive financial support for the parade this year. Twelve proposals were unqualified. The preliminary result was published in the Official Gazette of the City (JUDGMENT), day 9 February and is available on the link , or at the site Edicts banner

The announcement provides support for up to 26 associations, number that corresponds to the amount of samba schools participating today Manaus Carnival, between the panel and access. Of this total, four schools previously reported that they would not participate in the tender; two other, because they are already aware of the default situation, They opted out also. “We were careful to guide schools throughout the year on the transfer system and accountability

According to the CEO of Manauscult, Bernardo Monteiro de Paula, the transfer of resources through public announcements has been made four years ago. “We conducted a basic work with the associations with directions and meetings To ensure an increasingly professional and beautiful feast for the public”, he said.

Schools are preliminarily qualified: Youth Aparecida Independent, Uptown, States New City, Village Bar, Beija Flor do Norte, Without commitment, Cousins ​​Island, Wanderings of Gypsy.

Resources for the Samba School Parade of Support will be of R $ 1.537.995,00, and this value divided between four categories: Panel, up to R $ 99.582,00 by college; Group A", up to R $ 60.856,00 by college; B Group", up to R $ 38.727,00 for college and Group "C", up to R $ 16.597,00 by college.


Bernardo Monteiro de Paula explained that the 20 samba schools that participated in the tender only 11 would be able to be authorized for not having any restrictions at municipal and state. these, eight are already qualified and, three, still subject to appeal that may be filed by the Manauscult until 16 of February. Nine schools are unable to be supported by having restrictions at the City Hall or the State Government. However, there are cases that there are no irregularities in municipal, but there are restrictions at the state level, which legally prevents the financial support.

This is the fourth time we conducted a public call notice for the financial support to associations and Manaus samba schools and this year is the first time that the document is based on the Regulatory Framework of Civil Society (MROSC). "The policy of notices has been adopted since 2014, which it is a transparent and democratic manner, adopted in the main cities of the country ", said Monteiro de Paula.

The regulatory framework will guide the accountability and transfer of funds. It allows for ease in accountability, but it does not diminish the responsibility and legal requirements. Through this system, Terms are entered into Cooperation and not Covenants, which abolishes the requirement for compensatory measures to lower partnerships to R $ 600 one thousand. Another change is on the regularity regarding the documents to be presented which reduced the 26 for 20 and the work plan. The new law also requires that it be proven the impact of labor in society.

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