Principal father's murder in Coari is transferred to Manaus

"Neto" denies the charges, but against him CivPol AM gathered robust evidence confirming his participation as his father's death the principal.
21/02/2017 15h11 - Updated 22/02/2017 11h21
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Glauco Luiz Antony Barros, 29, known as "Neto", He was transferred from TNL (distant 363 kilometers straight from the capital) to Manaus on the morning of Tuesday (21). He was indicted for ordering the death of their father, the dentist Francisco Ferreira Barros, which had 72 years and sister, Medical student Glaucia Rayssa Antony Barros who was also shot. The double homicide occurred on 16 Of this month, in Coari.

According to "Neto" police had ordered the arrest on Saturday, 18, the elected judge of the 1st Criminal Court of Coari, Fábio Lopes Alfaia. He was intercepted near the mother house, that municipality, no last Sunday, 19. In addition to the Dentist son, They were also arrested in Coari João Oliveira dos Santos, 26, the "Johnny", and Kaisoney Pena da Silva, 21, the "Neyzinho", identified by research teams from the Department Interactive Police (DIP) Coari and DEHS as authors of homicides.

"Neto" denies the charges, but against him the Amazon civil police gathered robust evidence confirming his participation as his father's death the principal. "The DIP Coari, under the delegated command Mauro Duarte, the team DEHS and experts from the Institute of Criminology (IC) They have overwhelming evidence, both material, when reported in testimony of the double homicide authors and also the dentist's neighbors, who cited several cases of violence against the child's father ", said the delegate Juan Valério.

Also according to the police the crime was motivated due to the sale of a dentist's property in the amount of R $ 85 thousand and that "Neto" sought "Neyzinho" and hit it would pay $ 5 thousand by her father's death, but everything had to "look like" a case of armed robbery. "Neyzinho", in turn, hired "Johnny", who is a fugitive from justice of Coari, to execute the crime. "Glaucia was killed because she entered the room, but the main target was the dentist ", He stressed.

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