Member of criminal organization involved misuse of R $ 500 billion in public money is stuck in Manaus

Elivaldo Maia would be one of the leaders of the organization and even withdraw about R $ 200 thousand diverted amount.
20/02/2017 16h07 - Updated 21/02/2017 11h03
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The fugitive from justice Elivaldo Celso Lopes Maia, 49, He was arrested involved in the diversion of, approximately, R$ 500 million in public funds that should be aimed at teachers of the Foundation for the State of Amazonas Research (Fapeam).

The detainee was on the run and was arrested by the teams of the Department to Combat Organized Crime (DRCO) after coming back from Boa Vista (RR) on the afternoon of Sunday, 19, por volta the 14h, the residence of his mother, located in Curacao Avenue, New Town neighborhood, North of the capital.

"Elivaldo is the ninth component ten members of a criminal organization investigated for embezzling money scientific projects approved for teachers and financed by a private bank. The gang was operating in the city for at least two years. Eight members of the gang were arrested in September 2015 the teams DRCO for involvement in criminal scheme. We are still looking for a woman who also make up the band ", said delegate William Torres.

According to Elivaldo police would be one of the leaders of the organization and even withdraw about R $ 200 thousand diverted amount. During the police approach, They were found with him six General Registration documents (RG) with his picture, but different names, plus checks, four additional hours of a private college certificates, a certificate of higher level of completion of the Faculty of Education, a Certificate of Registration and Vehicle Licensing (CRLV) and a National Driver's License (CNH), possibly counterfeit.

"Elivaldo and Franklin Moses Barbosa Veloso, 30, known as "Frank", who was arrested in September 2015, accessed the internet to know the names of the fellows Fapeam contemplated in projects, as well as the respective numbers of social security numbers (CPFs). Henrique, also arrested at that time, It was former manager of a bank branch in Autazes, distant city 113 kilometers straight from Manaus, discovered the account number and the victim kept in bank account. So Elivaldo created a false identity and he drew the money ", He explained the delegate Denis Pinho.

Members of the criminal scheme
The leader of the pack, Franklin Moses Barbosa Veloso, 30, known as "Frank"; Reginaldo de Souza Salgado, 46, the "Cacildes"; Adenauer Silva Seixas, 32, also called "Christmas" or "Natalzinho Seixa"; Alex Souza da Silva, 30; Edivane Castro Pedroso, 42; Afonso Araujo Muniz, 51; Henrique Ferreira da Rocha, 50, and Jair Pereira Brandão Filho, 47, They were arrested in September 2015.

Reginaldo was responsible for falsifying personal documents of the victims, as bank cards and personal documents of account holders. Adenauer, Alex, Edivane and Afonso lent the bank accounts for the transfer of amounts. Jair, who was father of Franklin and resident in Autazes, I would have presented in-law Henry.

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