Prosecutor asks Susam annuls contract with Imed for management of the Hospital Delphina Aziz, In Manaus

According to the MPC, the management contract features an "irregular quarteirização" of health services in hospital.
02/02/2017 14h50 - Updated 2/02/2017 14h50
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The Office of Health and Environment of Auditors prosecutors (MPC-AM) asked, this Thursday (02/02), that the Court of State Auditors (TCE-AM) give time to the State Department of Health (Sesame), under penalty of a daily fine, so that the folder initiate cancellation of the contract process signed with the Institute of Medicine, Research and Development (miracles) for management of the Hospital Delphina Aziz, in the north of Manaus.

According to the MPC, the management contract features an "irregular quarteirização" of health services in hospital. "The procedural relationship is addicted to the source. The qualification process and choice of Imed for the contract it appears invalid for violation of the constitutional principles of impersonality, administrative efficiency and legality ", He informed the ministerial body in the request sent to the TCE-AM.

I did not order, MPC listed the irregularities in the formalization of the management contract, between them: the Imed did not have any real technical expertise to undertake the specialized service of hospital management first aid in the required form; the public tender for selection of hospital management was not at all disclosed; the notice is unlawful for inconsistency of supply conditions and work program with margin antieconomicidade; and is null object and content outsourcing via management contract with social organization, to manage the state hospitals.

"The hiring of social organizations is only legitimate to projects developed in non-state environment or providing support service or partial, but never involving the management as a whole of the hospital that has public body nature. In this sense, the resolution 12/2012 TEC-AM veda these cases framing them as abusive outsourcing. No Federal Supreme Court (STF) there are already two decisions also, one of Minister Rosa Weber and another minister Luiz Fux, chancelando the thesis that it is not entrust the management of public hospitals units for social organizations ", He said the responsible for the Coordination of Health and the MPC-AM Environment, Attorney Ruy Marcelo Alencar Mendonça.

In addition to the irregularities found, MPC-AM also showed that, in January, the State Government, via Sesame, renewed the contract with Imed for another six months "with irregular innovation to bring its core a new object".

With the renewal of the contract, a Imed, without public call, bidding process or simplified selection process, becomes responsible, also, by Delphina Aziz Hospital's picture park with additive to hire companies to broker the provision of professional services to conduct equipment tests in imaging and produce reports. "There again quarteirização process in public hospital, legally prohibited ", said Attorney.

In order to TCE, the Coordination requested, still, the court determines that the Susam initiate a process of making special accounts and preparation of a new management model for Delphina Aziz Hospital, in accordance with current legislation.

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