Minister Edson Fachin is new rapporteur of Lava jet on STF

The choice of the minister was given a draw held on Thursday (2).
02/02/2017 11h16 - Updated 2/02/2017 11h16
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Edson Fachin minister was drawn today (2) new rapporteur of Lava Jato in the Supreme Court (STF). He will now be responsible for overseeing the progress of the entire operation in Court, after dead, no last day 19, the original rapporteur, Minister Teori Zavascki, in a plane crash in the sea near Paraty (RJ).

Fachin was chosen through an electronic draw by the Supreme Court system, after the President of the Court, Minister Carmen Lucia, order the redistribution of inquiry into Senator Fernando Collor (PTC-AL).

The principle of prevention of natural judge in the case, all other processes related to Lava jet in Supreme also become the responsibility of the Minister Fachin.

In the first case of Lava jet to be redistributed, contains a complaint against Collor presented by the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, and pending trial since 2015.

The governor of Rio de Janeiro, Luiz Fernando Pezão, He was in a meeting with Fachin at the time of redistribution. When leaving the minister's office, the Rio de Janeiro state governor said the magistrate received the news during the hearing. “You are in good hands”, Pezão said commenting on the calm reaction of the minister at the time knew to have become the new rapporteur of Lava Jato.

Participated in the draw only members of the Second Panel, composed also by Ministers Celso de Mello, days Toffolli, Gilmar Mendes and Ricardo Lewandowski. Fachin asked yesterday (1º) transfer from First to Second Panel, to participate in the draw.

The second class is where you are judged all applications and processes related to Lava jet in Supreme, except those involving the president of some power, which are examined by plenary.

From now on, any request or progress related to Lava Jato, as the installation of tapping or making efforts to collect evidence, for example, autorizado accurately be afraid Fachin, If the investigation of the Lava Jato task force indicate the involvement of any person with privileged forum, between them, parliamentarians and ministers.

At least 364 people are investigated in the Supreme within the Operation Lava Jato, according to the latest figures released by federal prosecutors (MPF), many politicians in the exercise of the parliamentary mandate.


Fachin will inherit only the processes related to Lava Jato, including more than 40 surveys and three prosecutions. More than 7,4 thousand cases remaining in Teori Zavascki cabinet collection will be for the minister to take his place.

With the definition of the Rapporteur of Lava jet on STF, President Michel Temer must name the new minister to fill the vacancy left by Teori.

Temer had already stated, after the death of Teori, that await redistribution of Lava jet for a new rapporteur before choosing the minister's name that will occupy the vacancy.


The expectation now is whether Fachin will remove the confidentiality of winning denunciations of 77 executives and former employees of Odebrecht, that would cite dozens of politicians mandate or government positions in the corruption scheme in Petrobras.

On Monday (30), Carmen Lucia approved all vigilantism, making them legally valid even before the definition of the new rapporteur of Lava jet on STF. More than 800 statements were then sent to the then Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot.

Janot must now consider whether the information provided by whistleblowers should immediately result in complaints, motivate the continuity of investigations or proceedings should be filed.

Source: Agency Brazil

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