Residents of Santa Luzia neighborhood receive guarantee that will not be cut in the power supply to settlement charges

The community attended a public hearing in the auditorium of Esudpam.
08/02/2017 14h47 - Updated 8/02/2017 14h47
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Hundreds of neighborhood residents Santa Luzia, located in the south of Manaus, They attended a public hearing in the auditorium of the Upper Amazonas Public Defender School (Esudpam), on Tuesday (7), and obtained the guarantee that will not be cut in the electricity supply until the situation of each resident is analyzed alone.

The community, represented by the president of the Santa Luzia Residents Association, Gelcilene dos Santos, He sought the holder of the Ombudsman Specializing in calls of Collective Interests, Carlos Almeida Filho, to complain about exorbitant charges on electricity account value of the residents of the area and, consequently, request to guarantee the power supply while the legality of the charges is checked and payment conditions of the inhabitants analyzed.

The audience also included representatives of Procon Amazon, Procon Manaus and Amazonas Energia Eletrobrás, who provided clarifications on the recovery of amounts in electricity bills. According to the service manager to the company's customer, Narayana dos Santos, there was a delay in the installation of electricity meters and, that is why, the collected amounts resulting from energy consumption accumulation of longer than 30 days. Also according to the representative of Eletrobrás, there was higher accumulation to 100 days, however the concessionaire only held collection 47 days, constant in the first invoice received by residents.

According to the president of the neighborhood's residents association, the consumption of electricity in the community is not charged ago 18 years and, to be formed by poor people, most can not afford to bear the values ​​that have become charged by the electric utility. To Gelcilene dos Santos, proportional payment proposal in the first invoice, presented by Eletrobrás, it is not feasible.

social tariff
She also said that energy meters are placed wrongly, since we found that when disconnecting the supply of a community, the energy of another Community is also suspended, and that there are still cases of community without registration. Gelcilene claims, community name, the introduction of social tariffs for local, because, for her, residents will not be able to pay up values 200 real.

"We have about a thousand families in this delicate situation. some paid, cutting of fear of energy supply, but the value is not feasible for most. I am very happy with the security that the defender has given us about the security of energy supply. For me, the problem is in the counters because many people spend the day out working and yet the invoice values ​​are sky high ", he argued Gelcilene.

In this ocasion, the representative of Procon Amazon, Audryn Hiran Luz, He proposed holding a joint effort to analyze each case, account to account, and verify that the application of charging social tariff is possible.

Public Defender of the State, through the public defender Carlos Almeida Filho, He committed in communicating to residents the dates and locations of joint efforts that Procon Amazon will hold. Carlos Almeida Filho also requested information about the viability of the power cuts suspension, the duration of the period of analysis of electricity bills, each resident of the community Santa Luzia, whose deadline was stipulated by day 13 February 2017.

"They came to us in October last year and we are investigating the situation. Today this audience could hear the sides involved and rely on the support of bodies such as state and municipal Procon, which is of fundamental importance that we may enter a common denominator. Until the day 13, Eletrobrás shall submit information on the feasibility of power cuts suspension for these citizens ", He explained Carlos Almeida Filho.

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