Moraes Alexandre name gains strength to the Supreme Court

Until Saturday (4), the strongest name was the minister of the STJ Mauro Campell, considered discreet profile and friend Teori.
06/02/2017 12h47 - Updated 6/02/2017 12h47
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The name of the new Minister of the Supreme Court, which will replace Teori Zavascki, It should be known until Tuesday, 7.

That's what the president, Michel Temer, It has revealed backstage after a series of talks held last weekend in Brasilia.

In the final stretch to the choice, gained strength the name of the current Minister of Justice, Alexandre de Moraes.

Until Saturday, 4, the strongest name in dispute was the Minister of the Superior Court of Justice Mauro Campell - considered a low profile and friend Teori.

Moraes was nearly dropped from the list Temer, but the president turned to cogitate the name of the Minister of Justice after consultation - in person and by phone - over Saturday and Sunday.

not Sunday, Temer received in Jaburu Palace the new Minister of Government Secretariat, Antonio Imbassahy, and the Minister of the Supreme Court (STF), Gilmar Mendes.

Temer also spoke by telephone with the Minister of Governance, Eliseu Padilha, and with the new President of the Senate, Eunício Oliveira (PMDB-CE).

The President wondered arrange a meeting with the President of the Supreme Court, Minister Carmen Lucia, but she spent the weekend in Espinosa (MG), where his father lives.

Timing do ministro

Temer had said that only choose the successor Teori after the decision of the Chief Justice of the Rapporteur of Operation Lava jet processes, who were under the custody of Teori.

Last week - by electronic draw - Edson Fachin got the Rapporteur, after migrating to the Second Panel.

Then - the allies - the president said it would only make the choice after defining how will the Commission of Constitution and Justice (CCJ) not Senate.

This is because it is up to 27 CCJ's members hold a Sabbath to the appointed by President, approving or vetoing the appointment. Fear wants to ensure that the minister does not suffer a big wear by the senators.

The fight for the commission charge is among the senators Edison Lobão (PMDB-MA), Raimundo Lira (PMDB-PB) and Senator Marta Suplicy (PMDB-SP).

Linked to former president José Sarney and the leader of the PMDB, Renan Calheiros, Lobão - which is quoted in Lava jet - has been the most quoted name.

The trend, However, It is that a decision is made only after a vote of the members of the bench. The expectation is that the impasse is resolved this week.


Over the past week, They reached the President, almost 50 directions. Interlocutors of the president say the indicated list is still great, but is tapering. Most of the names are linked to the Superior Court of Justice (STJ).

Auxiliaries Temer not discard other appointed as President of the Superior Labor Court (TST), Ives Gandra Martins Filho.

There are also names of women on the radar, as the Union's Advocate General, Grace Mendonça, Secretary of Human Rights, Flavia Piovesan


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