News about “ghost advisor” they are false, said Joshua Neto

second deputy, Augusto Albuquerque was not named in any office in the Assembly.
03/02/2017 17h16 - Updated 3/02/2017 18h06

Mr Joshua Neto (PSD) reported, this Friday (3), Note via, that the news published in some local blogs that deal with the existence of an alleged ghost adviser to Rio de Janeiro in his office, increased bonuses, and appointment of former alderman Massami Miki to his office are false. Check out the note in full:


  • On false information that has been conveyed in some portals, Mr Joshua Neto explains that:
    Mr. Augusto Albuquerque, cited as “ghost advisor”, It has never been nominated for the structure of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (OF-AM) or to my office, e, therefore, It has never been part of Parliament's payroll;
  • There was no increase in bonuses of ALE-AM servers, was updated salaries based on the new minimum wage, as provided by law;
  • Former councilor Massami Miki was not named in my office. It is up to each MEP responsibility for their signings.

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