New secretary of SEPLAN-CTI takes office with a mission to attract new investment to the ZFM

Jose Jorge has several challenges ahead of the secretariat, which is considered the main piece in the strategic plan of economic development of the State.
10/02/2017 14h58 - Updated 10/02/2017 14h58
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The governor Jose Melo took possession early on Friday, day 10 of February, the new Secretary of State for Planning, Development, Science, Technology and inovation (SEPLAN-CTI), José Jorge Nascimento Junior. Taking over from Thomaz Nogueira, Jorge Junior, as it is known, It has several challenges ahead of the secretariat, which is considered the main piece in the strategic plan of economic development of the State, starting with the restructuring of the agency, besides the implementation of the new Economic Matrix, the review of the State Tax Incentives Act and attracting new business to the Industrial Pole of Manaus.

"I received with great joy the invitation of the governor have to face with some missions to be carried out, between them, first of all, the restructuring of SEPLAN-CTI ", notes. The secretariat will be spun off, becoming the State Secretariat for Economic Planning and Development (SEPLAN) and Department of Science Technology, Innovation and Geodiversity, which will focus mainly on natural and mineral resources of the State.

Will the SEPLAN the mission to plan and execute, in synergy with other government agencies, Economic Matrix State, Sustainable development project of Governor Jose Melo, you want to create an alternative to strengthen the state's economy, along with the Manaus Free Trade Zone.

Another urgent mission Jorge Junior is a review of state law establishing the tax incentives for industries located in the Industrial Pole of Manaus. Made by law every ten years, the review takes on greater importance for being the first after the extension of incentives for more 50 years.

trade promotion and search for new business
The attraction of new businesses to the Industrial Pole of Manaus, to diversify production and supported the extension of incentives, He was also given a mission by the Governor to the new secretary. "The governor directed that we sought new business, products and investments. Let's make a trade promotion work of the Free Trade Zone of Manaus and model with a great advantage of tax incentives to Manaus, showing that nowhere else in the country has legal security that we have here in the Amazon, along with prospecting for new business ", said Secretary.

In the planning area, the secretariat will continue to work with the Multi-Year Plan and monitoring, near the secretaries, the goals contained therein. Jorge Junior says it will continue the project to establish a solid economic indicators system, in order to have a unique setting information that will to base decision-making in all areas of government. Domestically, server recovery is on the list of priorities, as well as the improvement of the office infrastructure, which should have a new building.

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