The challenge is to generate employment

11/02/2017 13h43 - Updated 11/02/2017 13h48
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I was for the late Gonzaguinha:
A man humbles himself to castrate your dream your dream is life and life is work
and without their work the man has no honor and no your honor dies, is killed.

We live in one of the biggest economic crises in history. The country already has 12% unemployed. Are 12,3 million unemployed. To get a sense of the magnitude of this number is as if the population plus all the northern states were unemployed.

In this scenario two headlines caught my attention. The newspaper published Criticism: Industry backs Amazon 10,8% in 2016. Same Day paraense newspaper published: Paraense industry takes off in 2016.

And follow the newspaper paraense: “IBGE points rate 9,5% no Status, the only one who grew. States so close and so different ways to tackle the crisis.

The recent Amazon's lack of vision and strategic planning, an economic ecological zoning and foremost a collaborative dialogue and republican governments and academia to the productive and business sectors.

It takes a pact. The PACT FOR EMPLOYMENT. And there's only job with growth. And there is only growth in an environment with regulatory frameworks and tax policy stable, reducing bureaucracy and investment in transport infrastructure, energy and telecommunications.

Incredible as it may seem, before such an overwhelming crisis, we live a moment of opportunity. The fiscal crisis of the Brazilian states require the cancellation of incentives for the industry and that is the Amazon opportunity enjoy our differentiated tax-constitutional treatment to attract companies that will lose competitiveness in the states where they are installed.

This attraction had not seen happen. It takes action, Immediate action, under risk of losing the times. Definition of approaches strategies and government planning and business are urgent.

We need a leadership capable of uniting politicians and put them at the table with government, prefectures. SUFRAMA, FIEAM, CIEAM, CDL, HERE, Fecomércio, labor unions, universities and research institutes all driven by the objective of facilitating mechanisms of renewed growth and job creation.

It is a time opportunities, we can not allow once again they turn into frustration for our people.

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