Nova Olinda do Norte port work is paralyzed by lack of transfer of the Federal Government

Information on the work of the city's edge were passed by the government leader in the Aleam, State Representative Sheba Kings (PR).
09/02/2017 15h49 - Updated 9/02/2017 15h49
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During the Small Hours of the Plenary Session Thursday (9), the government leader in the Legislative Assembly (hazard), State Representative Sheba Kings (PR), presented information on the work of the North Nova Olinda edge (a 135 km from Manaus), responding to statements made by the state representative Alessandra Campêlo (PMDB).

The MP explained that the work was paralyzed by lack of transfer of the Federal Government, the amount for the project was R $ 6 millions. "What has been done on the edge, certificate, allowed the state government pay $ 2,7 millions. The work is stopped because since last year the federal government halted the transfer of money ", he explained.

The government leader took the opportunity to say that you want to contribute to the debate, presenting information to questions and criticisms made by other Members. "I'm interested in find out, so I can give answers that can contribute to the exercise of the mandate of my colleagues, whether the government bench, be they opposition. This debate is healthy. Without him, there is no democracy ", He noted.

Sheba Reis also said he agreed with the decision of the President of the Legislative Assembly, Mr David Almeida (PSD), install, next Thursday (16), Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) to investigate suspected misuse of public resources in the State of Amazonas Development Agency (Afeam).

"Who in should not fear. I would not be here the government party if I did not believe in the government of a man who is good, which is well-intentioned and peeling this pineapple storm of economy with great mastery, very competently ", He stressed.

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