Omar Aziz defends farmers in the southern Amazon in meeting the Civil House

Decrees issued by the former President Dilma damage local producers who are unable to work in the region.
08/02/2017 11h27 - Updated 8/02/2017 11h27
Photo: Ariel Costa

Senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM) defended farmers in the South of the Amazon during a meeting with the Minister of Civil House, Eliseu Padilha, and other Amazonian parliamentary. The theme was the changes in areas of the southern state conservation units. Decrees issued by the then President Dilma Rousseff in his last term day, in 11 May last year, damage local producers who are unable to work in the region.

According to the project presented by Amazon bench, the five protected areas in the region, now numbering 2,697 million hectares, will have 1,772 million hectares. The Civil House said still do further analysis on the text and that it should be sent to Congress as a government's own proposal.

"The Amazon bench has nothing against demarcate and maintain environmentally protected areas, but it is necessary to be careful with these thousands of people living in that region, that produce, They derive their income from there and that is what we are caring, this is our role ", Omar assured, that is PSD leader in the Senate.

Or for Senator, concern for the environment should be constant, but the families living in the river basin Wood, hit by decrees, They need to be remembered by the federal government. "We have an environmental responsibility that has always fulfilled and must be fulfilled, but we can not ignore, forget much less harm families consolidated their lives and invested everything they had to produce there ", said Omar Aziz.

"They are producers, small business owners, thousands of people living in the region and would be, literally, put out. This can not happen, there was no discussion necessary to solve this problem ", finished Senator Amazon.

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