Omar Aziz is returned to the leadership of the PSD in the Senate

The Amazon senator leads the bench with five members. This is the third year that Omar engaged in leadership.
02/02/2017 15h23 - Updated 2/02/2017 15h23
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A bench of five senators do Social Democratic Party (PSD) reappointed Omar Aziz to the party leadership post in the Senate. This is the third year that Senator Amazon operates in leadership. Now in 2017, PSD increased the bench in the House.

"I appreciate the confidence of senators Otto Alencar (Bahia), Sergio Petecão (Acre), vices Martins (Rio Grande do Sul) and José Medeiros (Mato Grosso), in addition to the Minister of Science and Technology, Gilberto Kassab, national president of the PSD licensed. I dedicate the Amazon people, that honor me too, and makes me confirm my mission to defend the interests of my state and, obviously, from my country", said Omar Aziz.

Created 2011, PSD established, since its status, the defense of the Manaus Free Trade Zone. "It is one of the parties with the greatest growth, Now with five senators, since the arrival of Lasier Martins, of Rio Grande do Sul. This shows us that we are on track. The PSD was born with the ultimate commitment to the Amazon, the preservation of the Manaus Free Zone ", said Omar Aziz.

"The PSD was never opposed or will oppose this model which is our largest source of revenue, livelihood and job creation. This is our cause and my flag in the Senate. Being PSD leader and take this leading role is something that I dedicate to our people and our cause. I'll make a lot of dedication and effort all the work for the Amazon here in the Senate and Congress ", finished Senator Amazon.

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