Operation Eagle fugitive capture Compaj in the neighborhood Monte Pascoal

The man was recaptured after police received an anonymous tip.
05/02/2017 15h58 - Updated 6/02/2017 10h47
Photo: Press Release / PM

Military police of Rounds Chichi Candido Mariano (ROCAM), through anonymous complaint via hotline (99280-7574) Vehicle team ROCAM 2740 He moved to investigate and made a raid on the street Cumaru, neighborhood Monte Pascoal, where did the capture of a fugitive of the prison system that was hidden in the house 23-A Number. This is Mark Fabricio da Silva Souza, 23 years, run since the rebellion of the day 01 January occurred in the Penitentiary Anísio Jobim – COMPAJ, KM 08 that BR-174.

The convict was presented to CDPM, in the center of reception and screening for appropriate action.

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