Oscar 2017 is marked by blunders and historical criticism to Trump

Singing stations not got the statuette for best film, but it was the film that won more trophies, six statuettes in total.
27/02/2017 11h12 - Updated 27/02/2017 16h19
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Hollywood played host on Sunday (26) the great celebration of international cinema, or Oscar 2017. This year the award was busy, with many criticisms of the US president Donald Trump and a historic gaffe: the wrong ad best film award to La La Land – singing stations. Information provided by Radio France Internationale.

The end of this party no one will forget because the error was embarrassing. The veteran actors Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty were responsible for presenting the best film award and announced the musical La La Land – Singing stations as the winner. Indeed, the long was the great favorite, with 14 directions.

however, when the producers of La La Land reached the stage and opened the envelope, They realized that the printed name was the Moonlight – Under the Light of the Moonlight. The tight skirt was unique, not to mention the mess on stage: no one knew what to do and what was going on.

After, came the excuses. The Oscar host 2017, Jimmy Kimmel, quis saber porque Warren Beatty anunciou La La Land – Singing stations instead of Moonlight – Under the Light of the Moonlight. The actor explained that he was in the envelope with the wrong information, that on which was written Emma Stone - La La Land. Just before, the actress had received the award for best actress for her performance in the musical.

The situation was very embarrassing for all, but, no end, the statue was even with Moonlight – Under the Light of the Moonlight. The long, which tells the story of a boy from the outskirts of Miami, also won the best adapted screenplay award and best supporting actor, to Mahershala Ali, first Muslim actor to receive an Oscar in 89 years of award.

Earlier on Monday (27), the office responsible for the delivery of the statuettes apologized and explained that, indeed, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty received the envelope with the wrong information.

Winner of the night

La La Land – Singing stations not got the statuette for best film, but it was the film that won more trophies, six statuettes in total: best actress, original music, soundtrack, photography, production design and director, para Damien Chazelle, 32 years, who became the youngest filmmaker to win as competitive Oscar for best director.

Already best actor turned out to be a surprise, Casey Affleck took the Oscar for Manchester Oceanfront. The film also won the original screenplay statuette.

The title of best supporting actress went to Viola Davis, by A Limit Between Us, who made the most exciting speech of the night, talking about the importance of telling stories of ordinary people. The film was directed by Denzel Washington, which also acts and was nominated as best actor. The plot takes place in the late 1950 and tells the story of a black man who dreamed of being a baseball player and became a garbage collector.

Night marked by criticism of Trump

It was three hours and a half stitched ceremony entirely with pinpricks - direct and indirect - to President Donald Trump. The host Jimmy Kimmel has begun the party apologizing to viewers worldwide that, he said "now hate us". To quote the French actress and one of Oscar nominees, Isabelle Huppert, he stressed: "Here we do not discriminate against any nationality". Kimmel came to send a Twitter live for Trump, the preferred social network of billionaire.

The actor Gael García Bernal was more direct. "As Mexican, as Latin American, as an immigrant worker, I am against any wall that separates us ", stated. But the Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, which won the best foreign film award for The Apartment, He decided not to attend the ceremony, "In respect to immigrants banned US", He explained in a letter.

The Syrian Khaled Khateeb, one of the directors of the winner of best short documentary, The White Helmets, It was unable to attend the ceremony because he had his entry into the United States denied by immigration service.

Source: Agency Brazil

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