habeas corpus application is denied for Adail Pinheiro

O ministro do STJ, Reynaldo Soares da Fonseca, denied habeas corpus joined by lawyers of former mayor.
28/02/2017 15h13 - Updated 2/03/2017 10h32
Photo: disclosure

The defense of the former mayor of Coari, Adail Pinheiro filed an application for habeas corpus to challenge the decision of the federal judge Carla Reis, the Amazon Court (TJAM), to suspend the pardon granted to former politician and was denied by the Minister of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), Reynaldo Soares da Fonseca.

In early February of this year that a pardon extinguished the prison sentence of more than 11 years of the former mayor was annulled by TJAM. The immediate effect measure Adail forced to return to prison, the regime was complying before the benefit, that is, semi-open.

Adail is doomed to 11 years in prison for favoring prostitution, involvement in prostitution ring, sexual abuse and corruption of minors.

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