PM holds offenders after stealing the taxi driver in the set Santos Dumont

The men stole the car driver and kept in private jail for the crime.
17/02/2017 11h32 - Updated 17/02/2017 11h34
Photo: Press Release / PM

Military Police Company of the 17th Interactive Community (IDPF), during patrol early on Friday (17) by Operation Eagle in set Santos Dumont, Paz neighborhood, in the Central West area of ​​the capital, They detained by a double car robbery of a taxi driver and held him in false imprisonment for the crime.

According to the vehicle team 6243, Cables composed of PM Getúlio Corrêa and Rodrigo Lima, around 00h40, when performed patrol Operation Eagle Set in Santos Dumont, They were approached by a man identified by Emerson Oliveira, which reported having stolen taxi, placas OAK 2334, along with your personal documents, cell phone and a sum of money. He reported that when he had his car taken by the robbers was placed for a certain period in the trunk, but he managed to escape in a moment of distraction of criminals, when he triggered the police.

Immediately, the team made inquiries and was faced with offenders, ordered to stop, but offenders undertook escape and was started to monitor the vehicle, that when arriving in Albuquerque Nathanael Street, within the residential complex, the vehicle crashed into a wall. The moment they left the car, after the stop command, individuals who were in the driver's seat and passenger effected shooting at the vehicle and fled.

However, the team was successful in arresting Elias Emanoel Castro Lopes, 22, and the arrest of a teenager identified as D.C.S, 16, who were in the back seat. The two were still beaten by popular and taxi drivers from a point near where they were detained. With one of them we found a firearm simulation and after that were presented to the 12th District Integrated Police (DIP) to the legal procedures of judicial police.

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