PM recovers motorcycle with theft restriction in the city of Apuí

The bike was found at around 18h ​​on Saturday (4), in a closed bar.
05/02/2017 14h59 - Updated 5/02/2017 15h59
Photo: Press Release / PM

Military police of the 2nd Platoon of the 4th Battalion of the Military Police in the municipality of Apuí, team composed of military officers cable PM F. Paiva, soldiers PM S. Santos de Aguiar and Deniz, around 18h ​​Saturday (04) after approaches to citizens in a closed bar, It was noted the presence of a motorcycle black Honda, modelo Titan ESD 150 without board in place.

Asked to discussed about who would be the owner of that they said they belonged to a man who was drunk and had motorcycle taxi had left a few minutes.

The motorcycle was taken to the courtyard of the 2nd Platoon for investigation and after consulting the chassis 9C2KC1650FR001016, which belongs to the motorcycle, was found restriction robbery / theft and also comprised the plate as OHR-3197 belonging to the city of Ariquemes-RO. Said motorcycle remained in the courtyard of the 2nd Platoon for further action by the 71 Precinct Integrated Police.

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