Hall creates Ready Response Group to meet demands in the rainy season

The group will act with a focus on anticipation up to three hours of rain and response actions to the population.
08/02/2017 11h36 - Updated 8/02/2017 11h36
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To optimize municipal actions during the rainy season, Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto determined the formation of a Ready Response Group (GPR) to operate mainly in support to the inhabitants of risk areas. The group is coordinated by the Military Office and Municipal Civil Defense and has participation of municipal Social Welfare, Women and Human Rights (Semmasdh), infrastructure (Seminf), Public Cleaning (Semulsp) and Communication (Without with).

On the afternoon of Monday, 7, After meeting for stock alignment, GPR was on the street Flamengo, no Mauazinho I, to investigate one of the incidents recorded on this day. nonlocal, Civil Defense technicians assessed the risk level of a nearby residence built in a ravine and detected another house in the same situation, but that the resident had not registered occurrence.

The Civil Defense Secretary, Cláudio Belém, He explained that the group will work with a focus on anticipation up to three hours of rain and response actions to the population. Belem said it is unexceptional people not to register occurrences which prevents the body becomes aware and can carry out their work. He pointed out that as soon as they appear imminent risk people should call the number 199, time the attendant and guides identifies the occurrence and proceed until the arrival of technical.

"On this visit it was clear how the group will act. For in greater demand because of the rain will be working together all departments. On here, to heed an occurrence, identified another, and soon social workers Semmasdh made the registration of families. Seminf technicians also identified the need for small repairs that will help the flow of rain water ", Belém said emphasizing that the group may have a greater result in calls.

The Secretary of Social Assistance, Monica Santaella, He emphasized that the work of Semasdh is linked to the events recorded by the Civil Defense and, she said, the creation of the group will optimize the work of the secretariat and enable more immediate action.

"The record of the event is important, but it is natural to heed a situation, we find other. Today, to visit a home at risk, We found an elderly living alone in a nearby ravine to the area that can fall apart. We will do all the social support that person, seeking family to raise awareness about the risk to which it is exposed because they live in an area of ​​such ", Santaella said noting that this is the quick response that the group should give.

Monitoring and prevention

GPR works in the search prompt response to the damage caused by the rains, based on prior information monitored by the Amazon Protection System (pouring) and Aeronautical Meteorology Network (redemet), which allows to detect the arrival of storms with up to three hours before.

With this information, added the results of the semi-automatic rain gauges installed in the city's risk areas and also three platforms of hydrological data collection is carried out an action plan for the rainy season.

The head of the Military Office Darcelo Gomes explained that the rapid response group will act upon this information to serve areas that might be affected, bringing together all departments of the group. "We want to bring the secretariats of the problems that may occur to give a more rapid and effective response to the demands. In the departments that are part of GPR, others can also join the group, according to demand ", he explained.

population contributes

In addition to partnerships with institutional bodies, the Municipal Civil Defense has a partnership with the communities in risk areas through the Protection and Civil Defense Corps in Communities (Nupdecs).

The resident Alberto Tavares is part of Nupdec the mischievous since 2013 and often helped the community during heavy rains. According to him, have a direct line to the Civil Defense help the arrival of technicians.

"With this direct contact can trigger the Civil Defense to immediately identify the risk. Our group has 12 people and every time we set in motion, We got a quick response. This intervention is very worthwhile ", Tavares finished.

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