Hall and Defender enter into agreement on convening approved in booking register in the contest 2014 the Semed

According to the deputy mayor, Mark Rotta, the intention of the city is approaching and seek understanding, to minimize lawsuits and proceedings.
03/02/2017 14h30 - Updated 3/02/2017 14h30
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During a meeting on the afternoon of Thursday, 2, in Manaus Prefecture, West City area, with the deputy mayor, Mark Rotta, and representatives of the Municipal Education (semed), County Attorney General (PGM) and Amazonas State Public Defender (DPE), We come to an understanding as to call the candidates in reserve registration in the public contest held in Semed 2014.

Second or public defender, Carlos Alberto Almeida Filho, candidates in booking records sought DPE to inform the Semed had not shut down the temporary teachers and educators had call for Selection Process Simplified (PSS), instead of calling the event of the 2014. "The department not only proved that has been making the calls, as the callings of booking entries are being made in accordance with the law ", said.

The calls of 91 approved in booking register, for teaching positions and pedagogue, e 284 substitute teachers selected by the Selection Process Simplified (PSS), held in January 2016 They were published in the Official Gazette of the city of Manaus (JUDGMENT) day 18 from January.

Among the approved tender in the reserve register they were called teachers who will work in the pedagogical advice of teachers and teaching units in Geography, English language, Portuguese language, Art, Religious Education and History, to be crowded in urban schools and rural Manaus. Total, the last three years, They have been called over 400 candidates in the event booking registration 2014.

Already teachers are summoned by PSS for Kindergarten and 1st to 5th year, areas where there are no more candidates on reserve register. The same will work in East area schools in Manaus and riverfront.

After the clarification of information, the defender stressed that the manifestation of the Executive to publish the nomination of candidates in reserve register contains the DPE procedure. "Only await the formal response from the municipality indicating that there is the call of all booking entries within the legal number to be called", he said.

According to the deputy mayor, Mark Rotta, the intention of the city is approaching and seek understanding, to minimize lawsuits and other proceedings involving the secretariats, DPE and the municipality in general. emphasized, still, that approach with public and regulatory agencies will be part of actions seeking to give more and more transparency to the actions of the municipal government. "We managed to solve a case that had dragged on for several years. We will always seek, through dialogue, resolve any conflict, especially those judicial demands, involving time and wear. The less action and more understanding we better for the government ", stated.

Secretary of Semed, Katya Schweickardt, assessed the meeting as positive and the result achieved only demonstrates the seriousness, commitment and responsibility of the municipality to meet the justice and other control body. "We clarified indeed all doubts and proved that seek to work within the law, meeting our real needs and to comply with our mission which is to ensure quality basic education to our students ".

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