Proposal provides for the implementation of Education Full-time in Semed

In addition to ensuring the citizenship of children and adolescents, scholars point out that the full-time teaching generates many benefits for the student and the family.
02/02/2017 09h06 - Updated 2/02/2017 16h17
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Councilman professor Gideon Amorim(PMDB) prepared a statement to Manaus Prefecture for the implementation of Education Full-time in schools served by the Municipal Education (semed). The proposal has the objective to ensure the citizenship of children and adolescents, given the right they have provided for by law to have access to education, sport and culture in turn and school contraturno.

"The Statute of the Child (in Article 4.) It provides that it is the duty of the government to ensure children and adolescents, with absolute priority, the realization of the rights to education, sport, leisure, culture and dignity. The full teaching has proven in the State which is the most appropriate way for the fulfillment of these rights ", said Gideon.

He said he understood that there are budgetary constraints which prevent, currently, Manaus Prefecture to deploy this type of education this year, but the idea of ​​the proposal is to initiate a debate on the importance of working in pilot projects of this type of education in some schools from next year. "It is necessary that the project is provided for in LOA 2018 (Budget law)”, he said.

currently, the Semed meets, approximately, 243 thousand students in the Children's teachings and Fundamental, In Manaus. The secretariat has a network of 492 educational units and more 8 under construction, and the forecast is that two new schools to be opened this year.

Professor Gideon, also, He praised the work of Semed in improving evaluation in Education Development Index Basic (Ideb), reported last year. In the latest release of the indicator, the municipal network obtained the note 4,3 referring to the Final Years (6Th to 9th grade of elementary school) and an increase 26% compared to last Ideb, when the note was 3,7. “The capital of Amazonas had never achieved such significant increase from the first application of Ideb, in 2005. The media, inclusive, He surpassed the target set by MEC (Ministry of Education), which was 3,8, to be achieved in 2018. It is also important to note that Manaus left the 18th. to or 11º. place in Ideb between capitals”, He stressed.

To her 13.005/2014, which deals with the National Education Plan (PNE), approved by Congress in 2013, in its goal 6, determines that even 2024 the full-time education should be offered in at least 50% public schools and meet at least 25% students of all basic education, what, beyond elementary school, It includes high school and early childhood education. “We know improvements, but it is important to understand that we need to accelerate this evolution and this is possible with the implementation of teaching full time in public schools”, said.

currently, Chile is a reference in Latin America. no country, the full-time education is offered in about 85% of Chilean schools and this, second specialists, It is a factor responsible for the advancement of basic education in the country.


When was the State Secretary of Education (Seduc), Professor Gideon pioneered the implementation of teaching in two school shifts, generating significant increase in Amazon educational indicators. In his management of the folder, from 2005 a 2012, Amazon rose position in Ideb, out 26 ° to 8 ° place, in the period 6th to 9th grade of elementary school.

"At that time, They were executed several actions to improve the contents of IDEB in schools of the state, including the implementation of teaching full time in government schools, which contributed significantly to the increase of this indicator ", noted Councilman.


In addition to ensuring the citizenship of children and adolescents, scholars point out that the full-time teaching generates many benefits for the student and the family, among them five are considered major: the "improved school performance", more free time study, students become more responsible and independent; the "removal of social risk", is much more difficult for a child to spend all day at school get involved with crime.

Has, also, "participation in recreational and sporting activities", with more time in school, the student will have time to develop other activities and skills; the best "orientation in school tasks", this type of education, students who need this support are expert guidance to organize their time and studies.

E, by last, the full-time teaching allows the "liberation of parents to work", they can perform their tasks throughout the day without worries, while students receive extracurricular activities and expert guidance in one place, with safety.

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