IRS releases today program of income tax declaration

The taxpayer can download the program to prepare the statement, that may be sent from 8am of the day 2 March.
23/02/2017 11h57 - Updated 23/02/2017 11h57
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The Statement Generator program the personal income tax will be available on the IRS website, from 9am today (23). The taxpayer can download the program to prepare the statement, that may be sent from 8am of the day 2 March. The deadline is the 23h59m59s (Brasilia time) day 28 of April.

After that period, the taxpayer will be subject to a fine of 1% per month on the tax due. The minimum amount of the fine is R $ 165,74, and or maximum value corresponds to 20% on the tax due.

In the case of the taxpayer entitled to refund, the fine will be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed. The minimum fine will also be applied in the case of statements that do not result in tax due.

The IRS expect to receive, this year, 28,3 million returns, number 1,2% up received last year (27,96 millions).

The declaration is mandatory for those who received taxable income exceeding R $ 28.559,70; who received exempt income, not taxed or taxed exclusively at source, whose sum is greater than R $ 40 one thousand; who obtained, in any month, capital gain on disposal of assets or rights subject to the tax, or did transactions on stock exchanges, of commodities and futures.

In the case of rural activities, You must declare the taxpayer had gross income in excess of R $ 142.798,50; intends to make up for the calendar year of the loss 2016 or later; or had, in 31 from December, possession or ownership of or rights, including bare ground, total value above R $ 300 one thousand.

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Revenue expects to receive 28,3 million declarations of income tax this year

The refund of Income Tax of Individuals shall be made in seven lots, between June and December this year (according to the schedule below). The refund amount will be the taxpayer's position in the bank branch indicated in the declaration. elderly, people with physical or mental disabilities or serious illness have priority to receive the refund.

Schedule of refunds

1lot No.:16 of June

2lot No.:17 July

3lot No.:15 of August

4lot No.:15 of September

5lot No.: 16 of October

6lot No.: 16 from November.

7lot No.: 15 from December

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